Retractable vs. Opening Pergola Roofs: A Full Comparison

Pergolas are not necessities for homeowners, but if you see a nice one, you may want one in your backyard at home. They are visually appealing, but they also have so many practical purposes. They’re also not as expensive as you might believe, as you’ll see if you start pricing a few top models.

The Luxury Pergola is one place you can go if you want some high-end pergola choices in different captivating styles. You may notice when you start looking at pergolas that there are some with opening roofs and others with retractable ones. This is one of the choices you’ll need to make, so let’s look at these two options right now. 

Retractable vs. Opening Pergola Roofs

The Retractable Roof

Pergolas with retractable roofs are usually the ones you’ll want if you need a system that retracts over your deck. These types of pergola roofs generally have louver blades. You’ll need to learn how to operate the mechanism if you get one, but that’s easy enough.

What About Opening Roofs?

Opening roofs are different in the sense that you can have unobstructed views of the sky when you install one. Pergola roofs that open do so using rotating blades.

Probably their best feature is the way you can close them almost instantaneously if there’s a sudden downpour. The retractable roof takes more time to close. In those few crucial moments, you might feel a few raindrops or more than a few.

The Cost Difference

Usually, you can expect to pay more for the opening roof options over the retractable kinds. However, retractable roofs don’t give you quite the same level of reliability as the opening ones.

The simplicity of the mechanism with opening roofs vs. retractable ones is part of the reason for this. Keeping a retractable roof mechanism in good working order can be a chore, while you’ll seldom have any issue with one that opens.

This might be a sufficient reason to go with an opening one over a retractable one. However, if you don’t have very much money to spend, you might be forced into getting a retractable roof. 

Their Composition

You should also consider the composition of retractable roofs and opening ones. Retractable roofs are usually made of a material like canvas or a similar fabric. Because of this, you’ll probably need to replace it at some point. Every 3-5 years, you’ll likely have this expenditure.

On the other hand, opening roofs are usually made of something like stainless steel or aluminum louvers. That’s why they’re usually the more cost-effective choice in the long run. 

Which One is for You?

If you have a little more money to spend, you’ll probably want to go with the opening pergola roof. They cost a bit more, but they’re made of sturdier material, and their mechanisms seldom break down. Retractable roofs are cheaper, but they need to be replaced more often, and you’re likely to get rained on while trying to maneuver one into position.

Consider these factors when making your choice.

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