Nataliya Kuznetsova aka Trukhina wiki and lesser known facts

Nataliya Trukhina has earned a good name and fame not just among people but in her eyes. She has always found saying that she is so grateful for whatever she is today. She often found saying that she has worked so hard to make this life beautiful and memorable. Nataliya is a professional powerlifter and her name is pro in this list. Natalya Trukhina is one of those people who are an inspiration for many. Trukhina is a master of the sports of the international class in the deadlift and she is the record holder. It is not easy to make a career in this field but she did so and that is why she gave her a hundred and ten percent to this field.


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Nataliya Kuznetsova aka Trukhina wiki and lesser known facts

Her personal information

Real NameNataliya Kuznetsova
Professional NameTrukhina
Date of BirthJuly 1, 1991
Place of BirthChita, Chitinsky District, Zabaykalsky Krai, Russia
Age29 Years Approx (Oct 2020 )
Professionprofessional female bodybuilder
Height5 ft 8 in
Social Media Instagram – @ nataliya.amazonka

Twitter – @ nataliyaamazon1

Her rare choice of her career

Her decision to make her career in this field was one of the toughest choices but she made and she even remained firm. Nataliya is one of those people who always believed in working hard as she is one of the professional Russian female bodybuilders. She has become an inspiration for many people because what she has to offer no one has. She is also the heaviest known professional FBB. When she had chosen this profession she was just fourteen. It was the age when most of the people fall in love but it was the age when she feels for deadlifting and gyms.

Nataliya Kuznetsova aka Trukhina

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She was so keen but her parents remained with her and became her support and helped to understand this feeling even better. Nataliya many at times found saying in her interviews that, if another parent would be they would have why don’t you want to become a doctor and businesswoman like this. But my parents were like when this came into your mind and how did it come? They gave me more positive vibes than I would have ever thought. Because choosing this progression starts with a fight inside yourself than anyone else before. It was a lifetime commitment and I had to choose whether can be a dedicated person to this thing. I had to get lost in this field like it is mine only and that is what I chose for myself.

A great dreamer

She believed those who dream are only dreamers but those who work for it are the ones who deserve to live their dream. So to dream is one thing but to act for it is another and if you live it is a completely different experience. In the initial period of career, people need to have some sensible person around them, people who are not just good people but great dreamers and achievers. They are the ones who make people dream and achieve them.

Her records

She has won many records on her name and she has won one award in the year 2007. It was the 2007, 2008 Baykal Gran Prix bodybuilding championship.

Then another award which she won it was in 2014 when she won the championship and record-holding arm lifting and powerlifting at the cup of Eurasia of Vologda, Russia.

Then the next award which she took to her home was the same year 2014, and it was world champion and record arm lifting in Crimea.

She won many awards like this and after then also took world champion and record in the bench press NAP.

Her journey of winning awards never stopped since then and she won the champion of the cup Eastern Europe (EPA), the world record in the deadlift. There were many other awards on her name like Grand Prix, IFBB WOS Romania Muscle Fest Amateur, and her first Pro Women’s bodybuilding.

How she measures this success?

Well, no successful person can answer this very question because first of all success cannot be measured. The other thing is that success is something in which people can realize who content they are in their lives. No one can be successful in all f their stage of life but they can be contained in their life. So it starts like happiness and remains with us forever and helps people to grow into every area of life. But yes, she said, I enjoyed my success a lot and I remained content and it also helped me to achieve more and more.

What motivated her?

Well, there are many things in people’s lives, which help them to motivate them and it also helped her to enjoy life in a different way. Because I had started working at a very tender age so I knew how to respect it, and it was the thing which motivated for further. It also helped me to achieve many things in life. People had this tendency that girls with dream like deadlift cannot do but I would say, people with dream and a dedicated mind they can move the mountain to this world.

There is not anything in this world which is impossible in fact, there is everything possible. Anyone with a determined mind can do anything into their life it just needs your dedication and promise to yourself.  So motivation is already inside we cannot look it outside and motivations come within and there is a time and kick, so people get theirs on their divine time. When it comes it changes their lives forever.

Winding up

You can follow her on several social media and you can look for her in all the pictures and videos. She is on Instagram and you can surely follow her. We are here with you with help and we keep all the information about almost all the celebrities. So if you want to collect all the information about her you can remain with us and stay tuned. We are here to help you with this and you can collect everything about her. Stay with us or you can even follow her directly on her social media.

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