Karina Kurzawa Age, Height, Instagram, Wiki and Lesser known facts

The Karina Kurzawa is called KarinaOMG and GamerGirl on the social media platform. She is a famous Canadian YouTuber star, and she gets more famous for her channels such as “SIS vs. BRO” and “GamerGirl”. Besides, Karina runs the famous channel with the help of her brother Ronald. Tens of millions of followers are acquiring her siblings. Furthermore, she makes funny videos, challenging videos, and more based on her life.

Karina Kurzawa

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Karina Kurzawa, Age, Height, Instagram, Wiki and Lesser known facts

Real NameKarina Kurzawa
Date of Birth
March 23, 2007, Canada
ProfessionGamer, Influencer
Age13 Years as of Jan 2021
Height155 cm
EducationSotogrande international school
Relationship StatusNot Known
Net Worth$100k – $1M estimated
Social MediaInstagram – kurzawa_karina

Youtube – KarinaKurzawa

Personal Life

On 2007, march 23 the Karina was born in Canada, and her brother Ronald was born in 2008, September 3. Her brother also runs his YouTube channel with the name of RonaldOMG, and it is predominantly used for gaming. In February 2016, the track got 1.8 million subscribers, nearly 600 million views until now. Karina’s parents are also supported for her video, and they made several appearances for her videos. Her real name is Karina color, and she is also known as Karina Kurzawa. She plays the EthanGamerTV Roblox minigames for her YouTube videos.

Karina Kurzawa’s Education

Most people think that Karina is the eldest girl, but she is just a 13-year-old girl. She had a lot of interest in social media at her young age. She was completed her higher secondary at Sotogrande international school. She doesn’t skip her education for her youtube channel work, and she works hard for both. She uses makeup, shopping, personal blogging, and she also posts product reviews and fun DIYs, and then toy videos. She is more active for the last four months, and she stopped her posting in June month. Karina Kurzawa ultimately started uploading the content again the July month in 2018.

YouTube Career Journey

Her first video is ‘what’s in my mouth challenge or kids playing,’ it is two different content. The channel is exponentially grown, and he recently received millions of views for a video. The “Nighttime Routine!! School days ve weekend” is the most grossed video on her channel. She and her brother are also interested in making attractive videos.

Facts About Karina Kurzawa

Her surname is “Kurzawa,” and her nickname does not help to protect their identities. She had two allergic dogs and two cats. Her parents and the whole family is a Canadian family. They are not allergic to Nutella, but they are allergic to nuts. She loves eating the pizzas at a restaurant named Busan Toro.

Physical Appearance

She is a 13-year old young lady, and she is a fitness freak. Karno is maintained her body condition stats flexible and fit by following regular extra-curricular activities like skateboarding, running, cycling, etc. According to her age, Kurzawa stands at an average height of 4 feet 11 inches. In meters, it is 1.5 meters. Furthermore, her estimated weight is 45 kilograms approximately. Talking about her appearance, Karina has blonde hair and enormous brown eyes. In November 2020, she will cut her hair for an abridged length. Karina loves to wear fashion accessories and funky outfits. Apart from this, she is fond of wearing stylish goggles and earrings.

Hidden Facts about Karina Kurzawa

Talking about her profession, Karina Kurzawa began the social media career in November month 2015. She makes the self-titled youtube channel in the starting stage and continuously posts the crafts and DIY frames. People give much importance to her DIY videos, and within a few minutes, these videos get thousands of views. Unfortunately, she stopped her youtube channel, but in later days she again continued her track in July 2018. After some days, she began a different kind of youtube channel, and it is titled “Gamergirl.” She begins the gameplay videos of Roblox and Minecraft. This channel gains excellent success compared to other videos. After making the channel, Ronald and Karina started to make pranks on videos, questionnaires, stunts, and others. Most of the videos have crossed over millions of likes and views.

Young Age Achievements

At a young age, Karina is always present in the relationship. But she did not give any hint about her boyfriend’s details on social media. Karina loves to travel across different cities. Karina runs an active life in social media, and she plays several sports, including badminton and basketball. She also participates in many gymnastics activities of her school life.

Karina Kurzawa Net Worth

According to her net, she earns lots of money through her profession at her very young age. Her net worth crossed through its profession. She puts in the hard work and activity only of her youtube channel. If she follows multiple media, she will gain an enormous net worth. She also earns money for sponsoring other products on her Instagram account.

Unbelievable Facts

Her brother is also known as Ronald, and he is a popular YouTuber, and he had 2.5 million followers. She always spent her childhood days in Canada and sometimes she is moving to the Spanish countries. Karina is allergic to cold weather conditions. The amazing thing is she started the tutorial journey at the age of 7. Her father’s name is Freedy, and he is the well-known YouTuber who uploads Fortnite gaming videos and Minecraft videos for his eponymous channel. Karina and her brother Ronald formed their medium, and their “blindfolded slime prank challenge gone wrong” gained lots of support for this video. Nowadays, her video had more than 20 million views. Karina mostly loves to eat pizzas in the restaurant, and she also prefers burgers and pizzas. She loves to travel over countries like the Philippines and Thailand along with her family. Karina will learn and speak Hindi in 2018. She loves badminton and basketball sports. Moreover, she also loves canoe padding.

Bottom Line 

Karina Kurzawa is the inspiration for many childhood talented people. She puts much effort into becoming a famous youtube star. And her parents have also supported her in achi9eve her goals. They are allowed Karina to follow her passion. Parent’s support plays an essential role for their children. Furthermore, pursue your aims, which is to provide generous support. She is becoming a famous youtube star only for her hard work.

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