One of the amazing beach in the heart of the Arabian Sea is Goa!!!

Goa is historically one of the most beautiful sea beaches present in India. This is a state which mainly represents one of the amalgamations with different cultures of foreigners over several centuries. The most popular places found in Goa mainly signifies as the following:

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amazing goa beaches

Fort Aguada: Fort was mainly built in the year 1612 to create a safeguard against the Maratha and the Dutch aggression. His is one of the biggest forts which is enveloped by the entire peninsula at the tip of the Bardez. This is a part where the European ships used to come.

Dr.Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary: One of the biggest bird sanctuary for all bird lovers. This is mainly named after one of the famous ornithologists of India. Here, there is another place for visiting is the ornate brick and the stone tower which is known as the Viceroy’s Tower.

TambdiSurla Temple and Waterfalls: This is one of the Shiva temples at the place of TambdiSurla which is present in the Bhagwan Mahavir National Park. This was mainly built in the 12th century by using KadambaYadava Architecture. This place is filled with most of the fascinating idols of Vishnu and Brahma stand. Here, another attraction is the waterfalls which add scenic beauty to all the tourists with their pristine beauty. You can enjoy the beauty of Waterfall and TambdiSurla by spending a day and you can choose available Oyo Rooms Offers to make a booking for your pleasant stay.

Anjuna Flea Market: this is one of the markets which is only open during Wednesdays. Here, all the tourists mainly look for something which is interesting. This is one of the landmarks for shopping in Goa.

Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Church: this church is present in the cobblestone street of Panaji. This is the area which is connected with a lot of buildings oriented with the colonial era. The famous beach named palm- fridgedMiramir Beach is present herewith the baroque architecture. This has got one of the famous church named the Our Lady of Immaculate Conception, which was built nearly in the year 1540.

Sri Mangueshi Temple: This temple is one of the most famous temples which is visited by most of the tourists, as this is one of the oldest temples of India which is 450 years old. This is a lamp tower which is seven storeyed and has got a unique feature of this beautiful temple. This temple mainly imposes a very elegant dres’s code for each of its visitors. Bhagavan Manguesh or Manmanguirish is mainly known as Lord Shiva is worshipped here in a Linga. Should take a cab for your movement in the town, which needs to be fixed for the complete route of the day using available Ola Coupons Online.

Chapora fort: this is another most significant fort which speaks about the effort and the various rules to get a hold on the way over the regions which also includes the Akbar. This is also another beautiful place in Goa which is fantastic and gives out the most panoramic view across the ChaporaRiver to Pernem.

Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, North Goa: This is a small clean and a well-appointed wildlife sanctuary which is maintained well and also offers a particular opportunity so that all the tourist can see various animals at close quarters. This is a zoo which offers an additional attraction to all the visitors and the wildlife lovers.

Basilica of Bom Jesus, Old Goa, and North Goa: this place is also known as Velha Goa, this is one of the most important capitals of the Portuguese in India. The UNESCO is listed with a variety of Baroque-style churches.

The Latin Quarter of Panjim: This is the place which is most famous shows the main rule of the Portuguese. This place is also famous for Goan Meat which is found in Viva Panjim.

Kuske waterfall: this is a place for visiting with a wonderful waterfall. This is also tucked with Cotigoa Wildlife Sanctuary. These falls mainly arrive in the middle of the falls fetches a good outlook.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls, North Goa: This is a pleasant waterfall which is visited by all into five steps. This waterfall mainly appears to be forming a foamy white layer which also gives the natural outlook.

Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary: Netravali is one of the tributaries of the ZuariRiver. This mainly originates from the middle of the sanctuary which is dense with vegetation and also consists of dense forest and semi-evergreen forests.

Shantadurga Temple, Ponda: this is one of the most famous temples which fetches the view of the different postures of Lord Shiva and Vishnu. Here, it can be visited with SafaShahouri Masjid in Ponda.

Cotigoa Wildlife Sanctuary: This wildlife sanctuary is one of the dense forests establishes in the year 1968 for all destination lovers. This wildlife sanctuary is mainly dependent on natural interpretation.

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