9 Tips for Finding the Right Solar Companies in SC

If you’re prepared to make big and meaningful changes to your property, then look no further than solar energy. This is the wave of the future that will only become increasingly prevalent and important as the years go on.

As a South Carolina resident, you are privy to lots of sunny days that can help power your home as long as you hire the help of the best professionals available to handle your installation.

Industry experts expect solar installations to increase by 40% through 2027. This means there’ll be plenty of pros that you can rely on to handle the work.

Keep reading to learn how to find the right contractors for the job.

Finding the Right Solar Companies in SC

1. Know Why You Want to Switch to Solar

Before anything, make sure that you completely understand why you want to switch to solar energy. Knowing this will help you move forward without hesitancy, and you’ll be better able to find a professional that can install your solar panels in SC.

Some of the benefits of going solar include:

  • Tax incentives that you can take advantage of right away
  • You instantly lower your carbon footprint
  • Switching to solar panels saves you money
  • It increases your property values
  • Solar panels are an aesthetically pleasing addition to your roof

You can also get in touch with a solar panel installer to get a further understanding of how switching can benefit your household.

2. Talk to People You Know Who Installed Solar

Referrals count for a lot when you’re searching for a solar panel installer. You will know that you’re getting outstanding service and a reliable installation when you have a solar pro that others have been able to count on.

Ask your friends or relatives who they used for their solar installations, or don’t be afraid to stop by a neighbor’s house if you notice that they have a nice set of panels. The more leads you have, the easier time you’ll have finding the best pros in South Carolina.

3. Read Their Company and Performance Reviews

If you’re trying to find a quality South Carolina solar company, look no further than their reviews. Look not reviews on Yelp, Facebook, and other outlets to get an idea of how customers have appreciated their services.

Look at the company’s star or number rating, in addition to information on what customers say about them. You’re more likely to have a positive experience with a company that regularly delivers them.

4. Find Out About the Materials They Use

In discussing installation service with an SC solar company, make sure to also ask them about the materials that they use for their panels. These panels come in polycrystalline, monocrystalline, and thin-film varieties.

Ask the company about the pros and cons of each and which will be a better fit for your household. Take inventory of the types of panels that they specialize in and make sure to ask which brands they work with and whether they have deals with specific vendors.

5. Ask Questions During a Consultation

Always come prepared with questions when you’re thinking about hiring a solar company in SC. This will let you get an idea about their prior experience and will teach you a lot about solar energy as a whole.

It’s best to have a solar professional come out to your property during the consultation so that they can walk you through the nature of the work and what it will require. They’ll be able to plan out how to install the panels on your roof to make sure that it gets optimal sunlight in order to power your home.

6. Find Out How Much They Charge

Gather some cost estimates from at least three different solar panel installation professionals. When you get a few different price quotes, it’ll let you know the current going rate for these panels in South Carolina.

You can compare rates among the professionals to see who offers the better deal. Many pros will even price match or might have some promotions going on that can get you the best possible rate.

7. Factor in Tax Breaks

The tax incentive is one of the main reasons homeowners switch to solar. Some homeowners decide to claim the tax break when they file their return, while others opt to take it at the time of purchase.

Ask your solar panel installation company whether they apply tax breaks upfront so you can figure out if this is what you want to do.

8. Learn About Their Availability

It doesn’t matter how great a professional is if they aren’t available on the day or timeframe that you need solar panel installation. Find out how much time it’ll take to handle your installation and book a block of time that fits your schedule.

Get the estimated time of completion in writing as well.

9. Hire a Company That Offers Warranties

Finally, always make sure that you get a warranty for your solar panel installation. This will protect your panels over the years and will let you also protect your roof and the rest of your household.

Many of these warranties come with preventive maintenance that will help your panels perform at their best. You can click the following link to learn more about the types of solar services available.

Finding the Right Solar Companies in SC

These tips are worthwhile when you’re trying to hire solar companies in SC. Do your due diligence when shopping for these panels and don’t hesitate to reach out to a quality company that can take the next steps.

Begin with these words of advice and check out our other posts to learn more about sustainable energy and home upgrades.

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