Yeon Woo Jhi height, weight, age, wiki and lesser known facts

Yeon Woo Jhi was born on Apr 26, 1984, in South Korea, South Korea, she is of South Korean nationality and she is the home city to South Korean bodybuilder Yeon-woo Jhi. She was born 36 years old 3 months 25 days old, in the home town of her mother in South Korea, South Korea (last update 2020). Her dad and mother are of South Korean nationality. Yeon-woo Jhi is now a South Korean professional bodybuilder. She is a popular South Korean bodybuilder and a new neighboring country in South Korea. The South Korean bodybuilder is very successful.

Yeon woo jhi

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Yeon Woo Jhi height, weight, age, wiki and lesser known facts

Real NameYeon Woo Jhi
Date of BirthApr 26, 1984
Place of BirthSouth Korea
ProfessionProfessional Bodybuilder, Influencer
Age36 Years as of Nov 2020
Height170 cm
Relationship StatusMarried Won Jong-seop
NationalitySouth Korean
Social MediaInstagram – @ yeonwoojhi

Facebook page – @ yeonwoo.jhi

Early Life

The South Korean bodybuilder Jhi Yeon-woo AKA YeonwooJhi has won many international and national contests. The Korean YMCA in 2010 and the International Figure for Muscle Beach in 2011. A win on the 2013 Arnold classic European Physiques, where she earned her Pro Card, was the most important achievement on the bodybuilding stage in Yeon Woo Jhi.

YeonwooJhi has become a phenomenon in South Korea with her success as a bodybuilder and a wonderful physicist. She encouraged many women to try to pick up their weight, and to become stronger people – just like her.


She comes from South Korea, she’s from South Korea. Yeon-woo didn’t share a lot of parenting information. We are working together to update information for families, siblings, partners, and children. Right now we have no understanding of Education Life. The primary source of income for Yeon-woo Jhi is an effective bodybuilder. Yeon-woo Jhi turns 35 in 2019.

Physical Appearance

The young bodybuilder Jhi Yeon-woo is a young woman. She has an ideal body that is a really sound body. She does several fitness sessions and a great deal of bodybuilding to keep her in shape. There’s a lot of her fans who want to know the statistics of her body. The following are some of Jhi Yeon-physical woo’s statistics and features:

  1. 5’7″ height
  2. 70.3 Kg Weight
  3. 32-23-24″ measurements
  4. Dark Brown Hair Color
  5. Brown Eye Color


At the beginning of the 2000s, Yeon Woo Jhi started her body and was fascinated with sculpting a large physique when she saw the findings of regular gym visits to her body. After a number of years constructing her body, she chose finally to start a competitive bodybuilding career.

In her debut as a professional bodybuilder in Korea at YMCA in 2010, when she was around 26 years old, Jhi did indeed outstrip the more seasoned bodybuilders in this competition and was the recipient of the first prize for her group of bodybuilders. In her career, this victory opened doors to more major victories.

She won the Muscle Beach International Open Classic Figures Championships in 2011, amazing fans with her movements, before taking second place in the NPC Excalibur a few months later. Jhi entered the Miss Korea Competition third the next year in 2012. This made her eligible for the Physics Competition Arnold Classic Europe 2013.

Her biggest contest was in the 2013 Arnold Classic Europe Physique Competition, which she was determined to win. Thus, she spent more hours in the fitness center and worked incredibly hard. She eventually participated in the Arnold Classic Europe Physical Competition and earned her professional passport. This victory has greatly enhanced Yeon Woo Jhi’s confidence in the world of body construction.

From then on, she has done other accomplishments, including her 4th place in the 2015 Vancouver Pro Woman’s Physics and 3rd place in The 2016 New York Pro.


  • New York Pro Show 3rd-2016
  • Women’s Physique International Competitors-2016
  • IFBB Vancouver Pro show Woman’s Physique 4th-2015
  • Arnold Classic Europe Physique 1st (got the IFBB Pro card)-2013
  • Miss Korea 3rd-2012
  • NPC Excalibur Woman bodybuilding 2nd-2011
  • Muscle Beach International figure Open Classic overall winner-2011
  • Korea YMCA over 52 kg 1st-2010

Next Competition

  • YeonwooJhi took about two years away from the stage where she joined the professional circuit to further improve her physical fitness.
  • She returned to Vancouver Pro Women’s Physique in 2015 with 4th place.
  • By 2016, YeonwooJhi participated in two additional tournaments, the 2016 No International Women’s Physique Competition and the 2016 New York Pro (3rd place).

Pro Card

The win at Korea YMCA in 2010 was at the start of the brilliant bodybuilder career of YeonwooJhi. The South Korean has achieved success four times over the next three years, winning two trophies and two of the top 3. Before taking second place in the Excalibur NPC a couple of months later, she began 2011 by winning Muscle Beach International Open Classic Figure Champion.

She competed in 2012 in Miss Korea, where she placed seventh. Mr. Korea qualified her for the upcoming Physique Competition of Arnold Classic Europe. The chance victory at the show inspired her to earn the illustrious Pro card even more and more. Driven by the dilemma, YeonwooJhi has started to work harder than ever; counting all repetitions and calories. The tough task paid off as the 2013 Arnold Classic was declared triumphant and won its Pro Card.


  • It’s clear that she likes to lift heavy weights at Yeon Woo. Currently, during exercises in the gym, she lifts up to 300lbs a day.
  • According to her, this is one of the only ways to create a rather solid and proportionate physics close to its own.
  • She uses standard repetitions from 8 to 12, and per exercise, she performs 4 to 5 sets. Every training is composed of 20-25 sets.

Yeon-woo Jhi Networth

Yeon-woo Jhi is one of the wealthiest bodybuilders in South Korea. She lives in a country that has a total of $1.619 trillion in GDP for 51,64,000,000 people. The Yeon-woo Jhi net worth $1.5 million, according to some on-line journals. Yeon-woo Jhi is still ranked as the richest South Korean bodybuilder with an annual net value of over $1.5 million. Over the years, she has continually developed her wealth.

Bottom Line

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