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Wonderdraft is considered to be one of the best mapping tools whenever one is looking forward to designing a map. It is available with so many features with not let a person feel dissatisfied at all. But it is not a must that every time you can rely on a particular application whenever it comes to design a map.

Apart from the fact that it is one of the best map creation tools for all those Linux, 64 bit Windows 10, and MacOSX but the price that a user supposed to pay sometimes creates an issue for them.

If you are not looking forward to using Wonderdraft and you are looking forward to some Wonderdraft alternative, then here we will be going to mention some of them.


Wonderdraft Alternatives

Arcane mapper

Arcane mapper is one of the best tools whenever one is looking forward to getting available with early access to the map drawing. Here one can easily outline the shape as they like, and also, they can include some lightning effects. All the basic set of objects is available on it.


Arkenforge is among those Wonderdraft alternatives which are available with cartography module and along with an open market place. Soundtracks, gameplay management options, sound effects, are also available. If you are looking forward to Line of Sight fog of War, featuring the same is also available. It will help you to design a map easily.


Astrosynthesis, this is a tool for all those to consider them among those who cannot compromise with options a lot. When it comes to looking at the options available in Astrosynthes is you will get surprised to see that for every particular requirement is an option available. Fractal mapper, travel time calculator, and all other options are also available. You just need to get available with it, and you can easily design the map.


Autorealm is also one of the reliable programs available. It will help you to get available with vector drawing maps along with multiple styles. You might be considered to be an older tool, but it is known to offer you an ultimate entry-level program. For all those advance creators who do not like to get available with super click graphic, it is the right choice to consider. For many years users are using it to make things easier for them.


Hexographer is also the right tool for all those who wish to deliver some ultimate programs. There are multiple features available that will help you to customize it accordingly. Features considering editability, licenses, and others are also available in it. Icon sets are also available that will help you to make things easier for you.

Campaign cartographer 3:

Campaign Cartographer 3 also one of the best tools and one of the best Wonderdraft alternatives to consider whenever you wish to get available with versatile programs. It will help you to create a map along with multiple styles, and also they are powerful enough that you can easily apply are the effects you want. This acts as the main software and the entire library will be yours. You can easily to the features, which are a must for you to prepare the map effectively.


The map tool is considered to be the best for all those who wish to get available with free Virtual tabletop. It is available with multiple map-making tools and also known as dynamic lightning. Some additional features are also available like good community support, vision blocking and tokens, and so on. As per your requirement, you can get available with it. You just need to use it, and then no time the map will get created for you.

Virtual battlemap

Virtual battlemap is also one of those tools which are available with high-quality drag and drop 3D map builder along with some to reprint options. Customizable lighting effect option is also available, which you can use whenever it is required. Also, when you are looking forward to purchasing it, if you want, you can extra art packs also get available with you.

Fractal mapper

Fractal mapper is also the right tool for all those who wish to get engaged in practical drawing capabilities along with a map drawing application. Multiple features are available that will let you prepare the map in a natural magnet. It will not look like you have not prepared effectively. Options for interiors and exteriors, along with solid art and capability, are available. You can go to any of them. A free version and paid version are available. The free version is for trial, and after getting satisfied with the trial, you can purchase it.


Inkrante is also a right platform for all those who wish to get available with the software with known to deliver high-quality city map and also known to deliver multiple art styles. It is available in the free version and pro version both. As per your budget, you can go with it. You can easily prepare large maps, commercial licensing available, and also some asset option is available.

Station generator

The station generator is also one of the best tools to consider because, after drag and drops, Space Station is available in it. Very simple graphics are available in it, and it is very easy to use. A quick and simple layout option is available, which will help you to choose the layout as per your requirement. Fog of War is also supported, and exporting options are included in it. Whenever you are looking forward to using if you need to pay and amount which is very budget-friendly. For the same as well, there is nothing for you to tense about.

These are the best Wonderdraft alternative available. If you feel like that under the act is not working appropriately, then you can consider any of them and fulfill the requirement of making a map easily. Make sure you are using the software effectively, and you are aware of the procedure as well. In case any of the steps are missed, then it will become difficult for you to design the map effectively.

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