5 Recommendable Exercises for Asthma

There are over 300 million people in the world that suffer from asthma. Asthma is a disease of the airways that affect people from different age groups and background. It is a condition that usually causes difficulty in breathing but with proper care and medication, this condition can be controlled.

People with asthma are usually cautious about their daily activities, trying to stay away from too heavy chores that may possibly trigger their difficulty in breathing. It can sometimes be the reason why they are hesitant to do some exercises. Well, there are exercises recommendable for asthma. Here are five:

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exercises for asthma

1. Biking is good exercise

Cardio workouts are very important. Riding a home cycling bike can be a good form of exercise. Biking outdoors in warm and good weather can also be great. It is recommendable to drink water to stay hydrated during the ride. Avoid difficult trails, which can be too challenging and exhausting.

2. Weight training is good for developing musles

Improving strength and the immune system is best for asthmatics. Weight training will help develop muscles and improve the overall strength of the body.

3. Running with extensive care – Only for Controlled asthma patients

For those with controlled asthma, running is fine. It is advisable to do such activity on the treadmill or when the weather is warm. Before you start your run, it is important to do some warm-ups. Make sure to breathe in and breathe out to help you relax. Take it slow and steady. If you are feeling tired then do some walking to rest.

4. Swimming is helpful in Asthma

Swimming is the most recommendable activity for people with asthma. It is a strong endurance sport and it is good to strengthen the condition of the lungs and control their breathing. Also, swimming can be a good physical activity to exercise their body.

5. Yoga is Always Good for Health

This activity is perfect for asthmatics since it is done indoors plus the warm atmosphere is totally recommendable for such condition. In doing yoga, breathing is being regulated and controlled, which can be a good exercise for the lungs. This is not physically demanding and tiring but it targets areas of the body that need working out to achieve better physique and overall health condition. Yoga is also good mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Plus, doing yoga exercises multiple times a week can result in a slender figure with more toned muscles.

It is recommendable to consult the doctor before trying out new activities. Take these activities lightly and at a slower pace to ensure that the body can handle such exercises. Also, doing the exercises with a friend or a loved one is recommendable to ensure that someone will watch over you. In case you feel tired, take a rest. You are not in some sort of competition with anyone so it is fine to take a break. Do not force your body.

Having asthma should not stop you from striving to have a healthy body. Doing the activities discussed in this article will help you improve your health and body condition without having to worry about your asthma.

Do you know people with asthma? It is best to know about this condition early so check yourself for asthma, consult your doctor or you may also do spot check.

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