The Best Calming Scents for Relaxation

Did you know that certain smells can influence your emotions? There is significant research to show how scent can affect stress, irritation, and happiness.

With how strong the power of scent is, it’s a good idea to consider choosing your own fragrances for home. There are many calming scents that you can choose from. Best of all, we can help you choose!

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of using fragrance in the home. We’ll also discuss which calming scents are the best to use and how to use them safely.

Best Calming Scents for Relaxation

If you’re ready to improve your mood, all you need to do is keep reading.

Benefits of Home Scents

Aromatherapy is a well-known practice of using scents to benefit your overall health. You may not have known this, but it can be as simple as purchasing a scented candle.

Using fragrances in your home can help set your mood. With the right smells, coming home will instantly help you feel more relaxed.

In addition, the right smells can lower your stress levels. Certain scents even have a physical aspect such as soothing nausea.

Best Calming Scents

Most of the best calming scents tend to be floral fragrances. These are also easy to buy. For example, you can find floral scents here!

Floral scents aren’t always things such as orange blossoms or lemongrass. They can be scents such as lavender or jasmine. Furthermore, floral scents aren’t the only relaxing scents.

Below, we’ve listed some of our favorite scents and the benefits they have on your overall well-being.


Lavender is easily one of the most popular calming scents, and an effective one at that.

The scent of lavender eases stress. You can get this calming effect by putting two to three drops of lavender oil in a diffuser. If you don’t have lavender oil, you could even use dried lavender flowers!

The effects of lavender are strong enough that they can even help you get to sleep. For this reason, we suggest using lavender at the end of a long day.

In addition, lavender has amazing physical healing properties as well. If you apply lavender to a healing minor wound, for example, it will speed up the healing process. Lavender even helps you avoid scarring.


Ylang-Ylang is a tropical flower that produces a very sweet scent without being overpowering. This oil is sometimes paired with lavender for maximum effect.

Ylang-Ylang is very effective in helping people relax and easing a person’s stress. This is because one of its effects happens to lower blood pressure! In addition, ylang-ylang can also ease headaches and stomach distress.

However, ylang-ylang can be very irritating to your skin because it contains several allergens. It has been linked to cases of contact dermatitis, also known as a rash. For this reason, you should never apply ylang-ylang directly to your skin.


Chamomile is a relaxing scent that many people know of and trust. Most often, people utilize tea to get the benefits of chamomile. However, chamomile can be just as efficient if the oil is placed in a diffuser.

Chamomile is used to soothe your skin after irritation. It also relieves stress by easing muscle tension in your body, which induces a relaxing effect.

In addition, chamomile can help encourage healthy digestion, sparing you from the stress of an upset stomach.

Chamomile oil also promotes a healthy amount of sleep, making it useful for insomniacs.


Jasmine is yet another popular calming fragrance. This is no surprise-jasmine has been used to help people calm down for thousands of years. People long ago appreciated its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Jasmine helps improve the quality of your sleep by easing stress. In addition, jasmine oil has a positive effect on your mood!

With jasmine’s fresh, clean scent, you’ll be able to improve your mood in no time.


Vanilla is an incredibly soothing scent, without making you drowsy like lavender might. For this reason, it’s a good scent to use when you want to unwind from a long day without going to bed immediately.

Even though vanilla doesn’t make you drowsy, research shows that it can help with the effects of insomnia.

Like ylang-ylang, vanilla relieves stress and helps you to relax by lowering your blood pressure. In addition, vanilla also helps to ease muscle tension in your body.

Vanilla oil is also full of antioxidants that help relieve and rejuvenate your body. It has restorative effects that help soothe injuries such as burns.

Practice Aromatherapy Safety

Now that you’ve learned what scents will best calm you down, we have a few warnings to help you practice aromatherapy safely.

First of all, always research the type of scent you are buying. Some scents can have adverse effects on your pets.

Only buy scents that are pet-friendly. They have a much sharper nose than you do and are more sensitive.

Next, make sure that you dilute your oil in something before using it, or put it in a diffuser. This is especially true for essential oil. These fragrances are strong and can cause damage if directly applied to you.

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