Secure Communication: What Is The Best Encrypted Messenger?

The idea of encrypted messaging is extremely popular for several years. Say thanks to the mobile revolution, that spawned an enormous number of messengers. Developers are in the state of creativity to exclude the possibility of snatching information by third parties.

Secure messengers had a breakthrough with Internet anonymity and opened a new era of online communication. Today, I’ve prepared a top-notch selection of secure and reliable applications. Some are easy to crack and those that provide you with an extra layer of encryption. Let’s dive into the ocean of end-to-end encryption, self-destructive messages, and multi-level data protection!

Best Encrypted Messenger


Along with the encrypted messenger, Utopia offers anonymous email and payment systems, private WEB browser. Using Utopia, you can communicate quickly, create groups so that you can chat in real-time with individuals all around the world, and share the media all with complete privacy. Utopia uses an advanced method of encryption that provides an extra layer of security. Entrepreneurs with confidentiality issues need to check out this secure messenger that is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.


Ping has a standard set of features and provides the highest level of confidentiality to clients. Plus, you can customize the appearance of the program by changing the color theme. Another smart Ping feature is to send a message that disappears 5 seconds after reading. The algorithm operates as follows: after getting into the snap mode, your message will be automatically deleted 5 seconds after the chat is opened by your interlocutor.


This messenger is characterized by powerful encryption and self-destructive system. Messages are not displayed as text, but only as rectangles. To read a message hidden under a rectangle, you need to point your finger at it. In this way, Confide authors will protect messages not only from interception but also from a situation where your message is read by someone standing behind you. However, this method of messaging is absolutely paranoid: how much time you need to spend by tapping your finger on the smartphone screen to read the message.


Snowden’s hype was not in vain. Wickr is a completely anonymous messenger that protects every message with a new key. It is impossible to take a screenshot or copy a message. By registering, you come up with your ID and password. There are three options: Wickr Me, Wickr Pro, and Wickr Enterprise. The first option is FREE, and you can communicate within a private group of up to 10 participants.


Available for iOS and Android, this app is arguably the safest instant messaging option. In fact, Signal uses the most effective end-to-end encryption protocol. The application fully encrypts chats, including metadata that can show who you are talking to. In addition, messages can be configured to self-destruct. On the other hand, Signal servers store very little information about their users: the date the account was created and the last access to the servers.


Yes, Telegram is one of the most reliable encrypted messengers. Pavel Durov’s project uses optional end-to-end encryption and encrypted local storage for Secret Chats. If you are paranoid about anonymity, it’s an ideal variant for you. Additionally, you can configure a self-destruct timer – and your messages will be deleted in a set time.

It’s also critical to note – some of the secret services want to prohibit this safe and private messaging app. The reason is not obvious. Ou la la, it turns out, terrorists are the most active users of this application.

An Ideal Encrypted Messenger Is Real

Privacy is possible. Utopia makes it easy. With the help of secure and private messengers mentioned above, you can communicate with your pals, family, colleagues in secret. And don’t afraid that Big Brother is following you.

Nope. No total control and surveillance. Yep. Security, Privacy, and Utopia.

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