How To Instantly Soothe Your Angry Skin [5 Expert Tips!]

Dry, irritated skin? Allergic reaction? Acne outbreak? Whatever the root issue, here are five amazing tips from skincare experts to soothe angry skin — fast.

It’s dry. It’s humid. It’s allergy season. You ate too much junk food. You slept wrong.

No matter how careful you are, it seems like there’s always some reason for your skin to get irritated. Problems like acne, redness, and dryness are unsightly indicators of something going on below the surface.

And it always seems like those invisible problems erupt at the worst possible time, like before an important job interview or a date.

Whatever the reason for your skin’s irritation, you want it to go away, fast. You can always figure out the why later — right now, it just needs to be gone!

These five expert tips will help you soothe the wild beast of your angry skin, letting you get back to doing what you were doing.

Soothe Your Angry Skin

1. Use a Gentle Moisturizer

Moisturizing should be a never-miss part of your daily routine. Even if you don’t wear any other product, wear moisturizer!

As early as our teenage years, we need to moisturize in order to keep our skin cells healthy.

Dry, rough skin becomes cracked and irritated. On your face, this causes breakouts and pimples. On the rest of your body, particularly your elbows and feet, it can become painful.

There’s a fine line between taking care of your face and taking too much care of it. If you’re washing too often or using the wrong skincare products, your skin can get irritated.

If your face or body has sections that are dry and patchy, it might be from too much sun or overwashing. This is also commonly associated with stress.

This problem will go away with a moisturizer that has ceramides. For a natural fix, look for a product with the antioxidants feverfew or licorice extract. These ingredients can reduce irritation and inflammation, so you’re treating the problem and getting rid of the pimple at the same time.

2. Turn to Honey to Make Your Skin Sweet

We know you’re already naturally sweet enough at heart, but your skin might need a little help calming down. Honey works to soothe the ruffled feelings of other people, and it works to relax your skin, too!

This organic ingredient does the job internally and externally for multiple skin conditions. It’s a natural solution for soothing irritated skin and reducing acne. It works a little differently than most products do.

The typical acne-reducing products get to your skin at the pore level to eliminate dirt and impurities. But honey soothes blemishes and deep spots by drawing out the extra fluid and drying the pimple out.

Honey products double as acne-reducers, skin hydrators, and complexion brighteners. It’s even a popular treatment for smoothing wrinkles. It seems like all the buzz about honey is on point!

3. Rinse With Cold Water

If you’re a hot water bather, you know there’s nothing like stepping in the shower and feeling the scalding water cover your body.

That could be what’s causing your skin to get irritated, though. If you must wash with hot temperatures, follow it up with a refreshing cold water rinse.

This treatment is so good for your skin that many spas use it. Hydrotherapy treats the whole body and can involve anything from water exercise to soaking in a spa.

Cold water hydrotherapy benefits the circulatory system, spreading oxygen throughout your body quickly. This provides your skin the nutrients it needs to be fresh and supple.

You don’t have to hit the spa to reap the benefits of this hydrotherapeutic skincare regimen, though. For at least thirty seconds before you step out, turn the hot off and stand in the cold. This is great for your skin and your hair.

The cold water reduces swelling, so your acne flare-ups and irritated skin are instantly soothed.

But if you need an SOS beyond that, put an ice cube in a tissue or sandwich bag. Hold it to the pimple for 15 seconds, then take it away for at least a minute. Repeat as often as you need to.

The immediate cold compress reduces swelling in the area. Be careful not to apply ice directly to your skin, though. This can burn the sensitive cells and change the problem from your pimple to your chafed skin.

4. Switch Your Products

When it comes to your skin, the price of your product doesn’t mean anything. Buying expensive skin treatments that irritate your skin is just as bad as a cheap option.

You’ll know your product isn’t right for your skin pretty fast. Redness and scaly or patchy skin might mean your skincare routine is too harsh. Opt for a mild skin cleansing product instead of the one you’re using. Make sure it’s for sensitive skin.

In the meantime, try a natural moisturizer like almond, jojoba, or coconut oil. These gentle oils soothe your skin while you’re trying to figure out which part of your skincare regimen has to go.

5. Have an Oatmeal Bath

When your skin is itchy and irritated from an allergy to something you used, an oatmeal bath can help.

But wait!

Don’t head out and buy a few boxes of Quaker Oats to throw in your tub. It’s colloidal oatmeal, not your breakfast food, that you need for your skincare.

Colloidal oatmeal is a specific type of oatmeal that reduces inflammation. It comes in already-made soaps, or you can get some oat flour and make your own.

Oatmeal baths are excellent for irritated skin, poison ivy, sunburns, shingles, and so many more conditions.


No one likes to have irritated or inflamed skin, but it’s especially annoying when you have plans. With these five tips, you can slowly fix the underlying problem and get rid of the ugly flare-up now!

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