4 Things to Consider when Hiring a Skip Bin

Whether you’re renovating your home and need to organize your things or just to play your part in waste management, hiring a skip bin company is the best way to efficiently and adequately organize your home. Skip bin hires will not only help with complicated tasks such as waste removal, but they also allow you to manage waste with an environmentally friendly solution. Although waste management and organization are essential, finding the perfect company for you should be just as important.

Skip Bin

1. What type and size of Skip Bin do you need?

One of the first things to think about is where the skip bin hire company you’re looking into provides the types and sizes of skip bin that you need. You should consider what kind of materials the skip bin is made of, as well as the type of objects you’re going to throw out.

An easy way to do this is by splitting the materials into household waste, commercial building waste, electrical materials, and green waste. After categorizing the various wastes, one should also estimate the weight and amount of waste in each category to find the right size for your skip bin. Different companies offer various sizes depending on your needs. Head over to Ewmdumpsterrental.com for a free quote and skips or dumpster recommendation for a specific clearing project.

2. What do you need a Skip Bin for?

It feels obvious, but the first thing you should know is what you are planning to use the skip bin for. For example, if you order a container that only takes lightweight materials but later finds out you need to throw a heap of furniture, you’re going to be in a bit of trouble.

Some questions you should consider:

  • Are you planning to renovate?
  • Is the waste going to be heavy?
  • Do you need to throw away heavy materials? Green waste?

These are just some of the questions you should be asking yourself before hiring out a skip bin.

3. Various Skip Bin Deliveries and Pickups

Most skip bin hire companies commonly offer next-day or same-day deliveries, you should consider the best delivery time for both you and the company so that your skip can be delivered as soon as possible. Some companies charge on a per-day basis, which includes delivery and pickup in the price.

4. Where the skip bin should be placed

Lastly, when you’ve finally made up your mind on the type and size of the skip bin, as well as the delivery and pickup, the final thing you should think about should be where you’ll place it. Skip bin companies commonly allow for the skips to be placed in a standard driveway or parking spot. It’s essential to check if the company has access to your desired delivery location. The delivery truck will need to have enough room for delivery and pickup.


Ultimately, hiring a skip bin company makes waste management and organization much easier. Now you know what to look for when picking a skip bin, you are well on your way to working on that spring cleaning checklist you’ve been dreading. Everyone must do their part in maintaining and hiring a skip bin company that makes your life easier is an affordable way to do that. Identifying the type and size of your skip bin, safety precautions, delivery, pickup, and the placement varies per person, so one should choose adequately and do their part in helping the environment.


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