The Best Things To Do With Kids Around Orange, Connecticut

Orange, CT is close to New Haven and Stratford. Its proximity to these cities makes it a great place to raise kids. The area is full of wonderful things to do that suit children of all ages. If you are really stuck for ideas, Orange is only about two and a half hours from the bustling streets of New York City.

The Best Things To Do With Kids Around Orange, Connecticut

Peabody Museum

The Peabody Museum of Natural History was created by the prestigious Yale University in order to house its vast collections. Children will be particularly amazed by the collections of fossilized dinosaur bones, which are some of the best in the world. The Peabody Museum is suited to older children that are curious about the history of the world they live in.


If you are looking to take your kids somewhere that they can let all of their energy out, look no further than Urban Air in Orange, CT. Urbanair is a fully equipped adventure center that features a large trampoline park. Perfect for large kids’ parties, Urbanair is a local favorite. Trampoline parks are fun, exercise-promoting, and really rather safe when staffed correctly. They often contain trampoline sports facilities such as slamball arenas.

From a parental perspective, the best aspect of Urbanair might just be its staffing. The high level of staffing provided means that parents can feel somewhat relieved of responsibility when hosting a big children’s party.

National Helicopter Museum

Stratford, Connecticut is the spiritual home of the American helicopter industry. Aviation great Igor Sikorsky moved his workshops to the town in the 1920s in order to make the most out of the seaport facilities in the area. It was here that he developed his most enduring and important designs and kicked off helicopter building in the USA. The National Helicopter Museum was founded by local enthusiasts in order to honor the legacy of Igor Sikorsky. It contains exhibits about the first helicopter flight made by Sikorsky in Stratford and fascinating images of helicopters from around the world. Kids will love the full-sized Sikorsky cockpit and the simulator.

Barker Character, Comic, and Cartoon Museum

The Barker Character, Comic and Cartoon Museum is a unique institution housing around 80,000 different objects relating to the American childhood experience. Exhibits of children’s items from 1873 to the present day are displayed. Opened by Gloria and Herbert Barker in 1997 to house their already extensive collection, the museum is exciting for both adults and children. Located in a suburban home building in Cheshire – not far from Orange – this is a must-see museum.

A Day At The Beach

While all of the activities at museums and sports centers are certainly fun, nothing can beat hanging out with your kids in the great outdoors. The Connecticut coastline is great for fishing and swimming but can be a little bit too rough for going out on a small boat. On calm days, you can take your kids to sailing lessons or for a refreshing swim and picnic. Why not invite some friends and their kids and barbecue some fresh fish?

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