Total Body Cleansing

Increase in pollution levels, bad eating habits, and stress, affects the human body in a negative way. This is because, when we inhale the polluted air or eat unhealthy food, we indirectly give away to the harmful chemicals and toxins in our body. Toxins and other chemicals block digestive tracts, making it difficult for the body to absorb vital nutrients and vitamins. Toxin deposition in the body leads to various complications like skin ailments (acne, blemishes, dry skin patches, etc), insomnia, headache, fatigue, etc. A total body cleanse renews life and is a solution for your body complaints. Some of the benefits of a total body cleanse are good skin, mental peace, increased immunity power, and no visit to the doctor for months! Total body cleanses or detoxification process generally means cleaning the body of harmful chemicals, which are the root cause for all body ailments. Total or full body cleanse can be implemented in many ways. We will discuss some of the most effective and popular methods here.

Total Body Cleansing

Natural Body Cleanse

Natural body cleanse is the best method to cleanse the body, simply because it is inexpensive, can be implemented at home and has shown good results. Also, there are no side effects, as the process is completely natural. One should try to religiously follow the recommended body cleansing diet for a natural cleanse. In the natural body cleanse detox diet, you are supposed to eat nutritious meals, which should include foods that are rich sources of vitamins, nutrients, and are devoid of fast and fried food. Fast food and fried food are very unhealthy and are responsible for adding toxins to your body. Total body cleanses diet for natural cleanse also recommends good intake (about 2 liters per day) of water. Water is God’s best gift to mankind and the importance of water cannot be sidelined. It aids in clearing the toxin deposition and is also beneficial for skin and digestion. Natural body cleanses also demand a lifestyle change like you should avoid visiting polluted areas, as pollutants also contribute to toxin deposition. Morning air is very beneficial for overall health as it contains pure oxygen. Make it a point to take morning walks daily. As part of your natural total body cleanse, you should avoid smoking and drinking for the best, as smoking is an open invitation for toxins and chemicals.


Hyperthermia or heat therapy or sweat therapy as it is called is a method of detoxifying the body using the skin as a medium. In sweat therapy, the toxins are eliminated through the skin pores. The body temperature is raised to a certain level, which causes the body to sweat profusely and subsequently eliminate toxins. It is very necessary to keep yourself hydrated throughout hyperthermia because you lose water while sweating and this leads to dehydration. There are many benefits of hyperthermia, some of them being improved immunity and circulation, good skin, and quick recovery from injuries. Hyperthermia is one of the best techniques of natural total body cleanses, it can also be implemented through exercise. With enough exercise, you inhale more oxygen and also sweat a lot. Exercise improves your overall body functions and rejuvenates the cells, bringing a new zest in life.

Fasting for Cleansing

Though a hard way to body cleanses, fasting offers many health benefits. When we fast, we completely stop our toxin intake, and this helps in cleaning the body of harmful toxins and also regulates the digestion process. Fasting promotes the rejuvenation of new cells thereby bringing a new glow to life. Cleansing fast is another popular method of natural body cleanse, which has shown good results. Water fasting is a popular technique followed by many people. It helps in both, cleansing and weight loss. Fasting should be done under the supervision of a medical expert, as the fasting requirement differs from person to person.

Organic Total Body Cleanse

Organic total body cleanse recommends the use of only organic products. Organic food benefits are immense, the most important being that they are proven to contain fifty percent more vitamins and nutrients than non-organic food. They contain less or no percentage of pesticides, thus, the toxin content of the body is naturally reduced. Artificial beauty products should be avoided, as they are very high in harmful chemicals. To cater to the need, there are many organic cosmetics available in the market.

Natural Parasite Cleanse

Natural parasite cleanse is an effective way to get rid of parasites from your body. A parasite is defined as an organism that derives its food from some other organism’s body. Parasites are the root cause behind various body complaints like fatigue, sleeping disorders, skin problems, etc. Parasites can enter your body in many ways, like through consumption of infected food, and biting of the nails. Natural parasite cleanses use herbs like cloves and walnut hulls for the cleansing process. Read more about this in this Buzzle article on the natural parasite cleanse.

Master Cleanse

Master cleanse or lemon cleanse is an effective way of total body cleanse or detoxification. Apart from detoxification, master cleanses also promise weight loss and are also very effective in cleansing the kidneys. The lemon detox diet has lemon as its prime ingredient as it focuses on a diet containing lemon. The duration for which diet should be followed differs from person to person, but it definitely demands patience as you cannot have any other food for the prescribed amount of time. Refer to master cleanse reviews for a clear understanding of this detox program, as it has come under criticism from people opposed to dieting. But if you have the ability to sustain dieting, master cleanses promises results in the form of weight loss and detoxification.

These were some of the total body cleanse techniques. According to many total bodies cleanse reviews, it renews life and brings back enthusiasm and zest. Getting a body to cleanse done is a wise move that promises immense health benefits in the long run.

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