What Does An eBike Cost In 2021?

In 2021, ebikes are more popular and available than ever before. If you have been considering an electric bike but are deterred by the price of popular, high-quality electric models, know that there is more that goes into an electric bike than the upfront cost. A decent electric bike for sale can run you between $800 and several thousand dollars, but extra cost often comes with extra benefits. Here’s what prices to expect, so you can determine whether you’re getting a deal or not.


Common Prices To Expect in 2021 

Currently, a large percentage of quality bikes fall within the $1,000 to $2,000 price range, while successively smaller percentages are within $3,000 to $4,000 and $5,000 to $6,000 price brackets, respectively. Interestingly, only a very small portion — around 1% — are listed under $1,000.

Although some ebikes can be purchased for relatively little, it is probably wise to stay away from models on the lowest end of the price spectrum, as these are likely to have cut costs in crucial areas like battery life, motor power, or reliability. This may explain why so few bikes are listed at extreme budget prices. Consider, however, that you are also likely to experience diminishing returns when paying for top-end bikes with roughly the same capabilities as less expensive ones.

Expenses in Building an eBike

When purchasing an electric bike, it is important to remember that you are essentially investing in two different pieces of equipment: a motor and a bike. A good bike, like these Orange County Beach Cruisers, can run well into the price range of an ebike. Because ebikes have to be able to work independently of their motors, much of the total cost comes from the bike that serves as a host to the motor. The next largest portion of an ebike’s cost generally comes from the motor itself, which needs to be durable, sleek, reliable, and efficient.

As the cost of a total package increases, a bike’s warranty becomes more valuable. While a good warranty can allow you to feel comfortable with your purchase, it also adds somewhat to the overall price.

Cost vs. Savings

As with any tool, the cost of a bike doesn’t end with your initial purchase. Inevitably, you need to replace tires, chains, batteries, and other components. Over time, however, ebikes tend to edge out regular bikes in long-term costs. As an ebike can partially power itself, you are likely to consume fewer calories to feel full while riding one than you would with a traditional bike. Electric motors can allow you to do certain errands you might have otherwise relied on your car or motorcycle for, saving you significantly on gas. While charging your electric battery can increase your electric bill slightly, the overall cost of charging an e-motor is generally negligible.

If you are in the market for a new bike, don’t be deterred by the upfront cost of a decent electric model. A good hybrid or beach cruiser electric bike will last for years, and can more than makeup for the initial cost investment over time. Remember, buy once, cry once.

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