9 Business Hotel Hacks to Maximize Your Stay


Business travelers have become a valuable sector of the hospitality industry. Therefore, the industry caters to corporate travelers by providing targeted amenities and other conveniences.

Corporate travelers don’t spend a lot of time in their rooms. Usually, their itineraries require them to attend meetings, training sessions, and conferences. Therefore, travelers must find others to maximize their stays.

Professionals who worked remotely in hotel rooms from 2020 to 2022 maximized their stays by spending several hours in them. In addition, properties provided professionals with additional business amenities, such as office furniture, equipment, and services.

Hotel rates don’t depend on the time guests spend in their rooms – those who use the rooms as closets pay identical amounts as those who spend the entire time in them.

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An easy way to make up for the difference is to enjoy the amenities. Corporate travelers can maximize their stays by picking the right locations that offer several perks.

Business Hotel Hacks

Perks may include:

  • Free breakfast
  • Access to an on-site fitness center
  • Room service
  • Complimentary toiletries
  • Free on-site parking
  • Turn down service

The following are nine business hotel hacks to maximize your stay.

1. Explore the Options

Since the hospitality industry covets corporate travelers, corporate travel managers can explore the options for their teams. In addition, travelers can obtain other possibilities from their peers.

Many corporate travel managers look at hotel rates first. Then, they take into account location, amenities, and safety.

Hotels compete against each other nationally and locally. Therefore, business hotels in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles compete with each other for guests. The competition gives travelers leverage, and it’s a great way to maximize each stay.

2. Book Ahead

In most cases, the best rates and rooms go first. Thus, corporate travel managers benefit from booking rooms ahead of trip dates.

Booking ahead also allows travel planners to pick the best property. Rooms on higher floors go faster than the lower ones. So do the ones with extra amenities.

Speaking with a hotel representative allows managers to converse with hotel representatives. In addition, it will enable managers to make requests that maximize stays.

3. Book Direct

Corporate travel managers must establish vendor relationships with the hospitality industry. It makes booking the services more straightforward, especially at the last minute.

Booking directly allows corporate travel managers to make human contact with property staff, and human connection makes negotiating easier.

After establishing a business relationship, managers can make requests to benefit their team members and maximize stays.

4. Pick the Right Location

Most business trip itineraries don’t allow time for sightseeing or free time. Business travelers have time to eat, but they’ll enjoy those meals with colleagues, potential business partners, or peers.

To maximize hotel stays, pick the right location from the start.

The goal is to minimize the need for ground transportation at the destination. Since hotels don’t base rates on time spent in the rooms, spending more time in them maximizes the costs.

5. Explore the Amenities

Properties in major cities compete against each other for guests, and they use amenities to win them.

Travelers who spend most of their hotel stay away from their rooms can enjoy them when they return. All travelers seek to sleep well and recharge.

Thus, explore the amenities the properties offer before booking reservations.

6. Download Apps

Companies must find ways to optimize revenue and minimize costs. Entities also continually aim to find ways to improve the customer experience.

As the Millennial generation adopted the sharing economy, technology, and apps, businesses sought to catch up with them. Thus, most hospitality industry members offer guests the option to download efficient apps.

7. Make Friends with Hotel Staff

Business travelers can check in to their hotels digitally, which reduces face time with the on-site staff.

However, make friends with hotel staff when you encounter them. Staff might make helpful suggestions about local food options.

It’s also easier to request them, such as booking car services, obtaining upgrades, and scheduling wake-up calls.

8. Establish Routines

Traveling throws off an individual’s equilibrium. It makes sleeping, resting, and recharging challenging.

Establishing routines allows professionals to keep up with their itineraries and enjoy their hotel rooms.

9. Join Loyalty Programs

Hospitality provides corporate travelers with several ways to accrue loyalty points and rewards. Therefore, professionals should sign up for a few programs.

In addition, consider paying for travel expenses with credit cards that earn points and rewards.


Maximizing hotel stays begins with exploring the options. Then, pick the right location. Making friends with the on-site staff by booking directly and acknowledging them at the property also helps.

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