Is ED a serious issue or is it a hyped one?

For many people, ED is nothing but a gimmick, a media-hyped disorder that was earlier unknown to people. Whereas some people and medical experts are of the view that ED is an emerging issue that is spreading its arms across the globe.

Both sides need to read this article before coming to any conclusion. Well in this article we will not be taking any sides but analyzing the facts so that you become capable of deciding on your own.

It is a fact that ED has been the reason for several divorces and extramarital affairs between couples. To get answers to your queries read the entire article.


Situations faced by an ED patient

No matter how modern we becomethe majority of the world is patriarchal. The extent of a man being masculine is related tohis reproductive organs. So, one can imagine the situation of the men who are suffering from intimate disorders.

If one looks at ED, the person can easily be cured with the use of pills but the circumstances that accompany ED make it difficult for the person to bear. An ED patient usually has to suffer from mental pressures from society.

Telling your friends about cancer is much easier than talking about ED. Discussing ED invites jokes and shame from relatives, friends, and sometimes even from parents. So, the patient normally keeps the news to himself and her partner.

In many cases, it was found that after knowing that the husband cannot satisfy her, the woman was caught found in extramarital affairs. Imagine suffering from a disorder where your partner has betrayed you, friends and relatives laugh at you.

The person slowly disconnects himself from the outer world, lessens the communication in the workplace and home, does not attend social functions, etc. And someday it takes the final shape of depression and anxiety.

Such a person hesitates while talking with strangers, cannot face hardships in daily life, he becomes vulnerable to other disorders. So, along with ED, a person has to face a whole chain of troublesome disorders.

How does ED occur?

People have this query that how a person does gets diagnosed with ED? Well, it is not rocket science to know.

In Erectile Dysfunction the main problem is that the male is unable to have sexual intercourse for a long time due to the non-erection or erection of the penis for a short time.

Such people have to depend on Fildena 100, Cenforce, and Vidalista 20 from Arrowmeds to have a satisfying sexual activity.

When the person gets excited due to any kind of stimulation such as watching adult content etc, blood flows into the penis in heavy amounts. Hence, if due to any circumstances the blood flow to the penis is stopped or disturbed the erection will get affected accordingly.

Now, this blood is stopped due to various reasons such as smoking, drinking excess alcohol, use of recreational drugs, physical injuries in the lower regions of the body, etc. Even the emotional balance of the person also affects ED, a person suffering from depression is most likely to be an ED patient because lack of sexual interest also causes ED.


A regular smoker has more chance of being an ED patient than a normal person. Due to regular smoking, the quality of the blood is reduced and the organs are deprived of the oxygenated blood due to the intake of large amounts of carbon monoxide (CO).

The same is the case with alcohol, but a little different as in little amounts alcohol is beneficial for the body. The problem arises when the intake limits are crossed by miles. When the alcohol level in the body gets extremely high the neuron system is damaged, the brain loses its control over the organs, the blood supply is stopped.

In such situations, if someone gets sexually stimulated no blood flow takes place into the penis leading to no erection at all.

Regular intake of fast foods

One must be thinking about how is food-related with a sexual disorder such as ED. But remember that food is the fuel that runs our body, so the quality and the quantity of the food we consume will decide our efficiency.

Making junk foods as regular meals increases the content of bad cholesterol in the body which sticks on the pulmonary arteries, thus blocking its way in supplying blood to organs.

The heart is pumping an adequate amount of blood but due to the blockage, the needed amount is not reaching the organs. This makes the organs, including the penis deprived of blood. To overcome this the heart has to pump more blood with more force which leads to high blood pressure and hypertension.


The reasons that lead to ED is multiple ones but the treatment is only one using pills such as Fildena 100 Online, Cenforce 100, and Vidalista from Arrowmeds.

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