4 Tips and Tricks Every YouTube User Must Know About

YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world, and when it comes to video streaming, there is no other website that can give competition to YouTube. If you are an internet user, there is no way you have not YouTube at least once in your lifetime. The reason behind YouTube’s success and what it makes him the most popular platform is its diverse content. It doesn’t matter what kind of videos you are looking for; you will always find something on YouTube. From cooking shows and book reviews to music and movie clips, YouTube has it all. Below I have mentioned a few tips and tricks that will enhance your YouTube experience. Let’s have a look:

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Save YouTube Music as MP3

This is a tip for music lovers who use YouTube mainly for music streaming. When you are streaming music on YouTube, you can simply create your own playlists and can move from video to video, but there is another more efficient method. If you are happy to skip the video and want to listen to the music with your screen off, you can simply visit www.flvto.biz/en64/youtube-to-mp3/ or any other and can convert your YouTube video into an MP3 file. It will help you browse your music offline as well.

Share Video with Time Stamp

Another nice trick that can come in handy for any YouTube user is sharing a video with a timestamp. When you want to share a video with friends, you can just send them the entire video, which is easy. But what if you are watching an hour-long video and you only want to share a certain part of the video with your friend? You can share that point of the video by simply right-clicking on the video bar and selecting a copy URL for this time. That way, you can directly share the part of the video that you wanted your friend to watch.

Say Good-Bye to Buffering

If you like to watch your shows in high definition but don’t want it to hang or buffer in the middle, then you can consider music downloader on your device first. You can download any YouTube video in HD with the help of this mp4 converter. That way not only you will be able to enjoy the show without any interference, but you will be able to re-watch it at any time you want. You can also copy it to your TV after downloading to watch it one a bigger screen.

Upgrade to YouTube Red

If you enjoy YouTube a lot and don’t mind paying for it then joining YouTube Red is an excellent idea. When you join YouTube red, you get to enjoy a lot more things. First of all, you can get rid of all those ads that keep interpreting you whenever you are watching fun. Apart from that, it gives you an option of saving and downloading videos on your device (which you can do with www.flvto.biz/en64/ as well). You will also be able to access some original premium quality content as well.

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