Tips To Help You Avoid Getting Sick This Winter

Flu Season Is Upon Us Compounding regular seasonal illnesses is this reality: global international travel spreads foreign disease. In one isolated region of the world, modern influenza may have never come. Contrariwise, developed nations are sometimes broadsided by diseases from undeveloped areas of the globe.

As winter comes, people spend more time indoors coughing and sneezing. Breezes are restricted, as they bring cool air. Accordingly, microbial organisms become trapped indoors. People get more sick more often. Almost every year, you’ll get the flu at least once—even if you’ve had a shot! Still, there are ways to avoid getting sick, and we’ll explore some here.

Tips To Help You Avoid Getting Sick This Winter

1. Drive, Don’t Fly

Do you know what an airplane is? It’s a test-tube full of plague. Okay, that description is a bit “overkill”, but think about it: you don’t get ventilation from the outdoors when you’re at altitude. You can’t; the air’s too thin up there. They seal the cabin, and so all microorganisms remain there. So every time somebody coughs or sneezes, those diseases just…float around.

Additionally, airports have people from all over the world in them. These individuals bring whatever localized diseases to which they’re immune on the road with them. Next, you’ve got baggage handlers working at too low a salary to take a day off if they’re sick. You won’t even know if someone with a cold has sneezed on your luggage.

Unless you’re taking a trip that will take longer than 20 hours’ drive time, you are only going to lose a few hours if you drive anyway. It will be a bit more tiring, and you’ve got the dangers of driving with which to contend. However, you’ll likely reduce your exposure to sickness-causing viruses.

2. Supplement With Healthy Multivitamins

Think of multivitamins like antiviral ammunition. Your body fights off disease using phagocytes, or white blood cells. These are put into action by your immune system. Vitamin D and vitamin C strengthen your immune system, as do elements like zinc. There are many multivitamins that collect healthy “ammunition” in one tablet, pill, or gummy. Maybe use them.

3. Continuously Maintain Bodily Nutrition And Fitness

Eating the right foods and exercising regularly are key means of staying healthy. Put natural, organic foods in your body, and try to get thirty minutes of cardio five days a week. If you can’t manage five days of cardio weekly, get at least three. Just don’t be sedentary.

4. Eliminate Or Severely Reduce Use Of Intoxicants Like Alcohol

Intoxicants Like Alcohol

Alcohol can slightly assist your sore throat, and a nip before bedtime can help you sleep. There are better ways of assuaging a sore throat, however; and the propensity to over-use alcohol is high.

It turns out alcohol is poisonous to the body. The liver must process it, and when you tie up the liver this way, it weakens your overall immune system. Accordingly, reduce alcohol consumption to help you avoid getting sick.

5. Keeping Healthy This Holiday Season

There are collateral consequences to being ill and not getting treatment, but sometimes there’s nothing you can do. However, at the same time, sometimes there is something you can do. If you’ve experienced hearing damage form a virulent head cold, you might check in with NH Hearing Institute, or a similar group.

Generally, though, you want to avoid illness that might lead to that sort of negative impact on your health. This can be done, though you’ll want to make a deliberate effort.

Several tactics which will be key in helping you avoid the flu this year involve reducing alcohol consumption, eating right, exercising properly, giving your body ammunition in the form of multivitamins, and driving rather than taking an airplane. These things don’t guarantee you’ll avoid getting sick, but they can definitely help.

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