Why a Pre-Sale Detail Is a Must before Selling Your Vehicle

A car is a significant investment. Vehicle ownership has become a part of life that is almost inevitable for typical day to day living, especially for those living outside cities. A car keeps some value after its initial purchase, making it an asset. Most people will sell their car to get some extra money or as a precursor to replacing an older car with a newer one.

Regardless of the reason for selling your car, one thing remains paramount. Displaying it at its best will garner better results in your sales efforts than leaving it as is. While most may take this to mean that only having the car washed and a general clean applied, it would be more beneficial to have thorough, in-depth detailing done in the long run.

Pre-Sale Detail

Car detailing is done both on the exterior and the interior of the vehicle. The exterior is thoroughly cleaned and blemishes like scratches and small dents removed. The paint is then polished to a high shine. In the interior, the dashboard and steering wheel are cleaned and polished, carpeting and seats are washed thoroughly, and all dust is vacuumed or wiped away. After all, this is done, your car will indeed look its best.

The most immediate advantage of getting a pre-sale detail is the aesthetic result. Engaging the services of a professional in the detailing of your car can make it look like new again. This is sometimes referred to as ‘the showroom look’. A car that looks like it has just been driven from the showroom floor will attract more interest from seeking buyers, no matter that it is used. It would also ensure that the new owner of your vehicle does not get any unpleasant surprises from discovered dirt and debris once they have driven away.

Detailing acts as a value-retainer. While constant detailing is recommended throughout your ownership, even those that are not able to, or do not think to detail their car can add some value back into it by springing for a pre-sale detail. Having your vehicle detailed before a sale can be an indication of care given to the car, thus convincing potential buyers that they are driving away with something worth the money they paid. In most cases, you can add the amount of money spent on detailing within the sale price. If done well, a buyer will not question this quoted price. The car will be too attractive to resist!

Finally, a pre-sale detail will lessen the time between advertisements for the sale of the car and actual purchase. The longer your vehicle sits dormant, waiting for a buyer, the more its value depreciates. A fully detailed car will attract buyers faster, allowing you to sell it on at its best value so that you do not end up losing out on making a profit.

To get the best resale value for your car as you go to sell it, invest in a pre-sale detail. Not only will you have a better chance of selling it faster, but you will also be able to attain a much higher return from what you put in initially. At the end of the day, the process of selling your car will be more straightforward and more streamlined.

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