Does Your Property Need an Appraisal?

Real estate property requires appraisal quite frequently during estate transfer and purchase. It is because unlike stock market property that changes similarly, residential properties are unique, and the value of each property changes every day.

During an appraisal, your property value is evaluated by ranking against specific criteria including comparison with recent similar property’s sales price, any additional cost of construction involved, the rental value of the property, the change made to the property, and how long they will last in terms of quality. If you are looking to getting a personal property appraisals, contact us to receive a quote. Our services are certified, efficient, and affordable.

Does Your Property Need an Appraisal

Additional Services We Provide

Besides property appraisals we provide additional attractive services which you might benefit you’ll these include:

1. Insurance coverage

Insurance coverage is a source of security in case of loss or damage to property due to unforeseen circumstances like house fires and natural disasters. You will get coverage for any loss that you could potentially face.

2. Insurance claims

In case of a situation where your neighbor or any other individual files a claim for insurance against you, we assist you in the whole process of covering medical expenses, compensation, and any other legal handing to make up for the damage produced.

3. Estate liability calculation

Prior to distributing your property to the next generation, you’ll have to pay estate liability tax to the government. The process of doing so can be taxing; hence we extend our expertise to our customers in this regard.

4. Equity distribution

Divorce proceedings are stressful. Handling the equity distribution is one way to take off some burden you might feel during the separation. By doing so, we take care of and manage the property division and pay off any outstanding debts between the two parties.

Federal causality loss

Under the condition you face any property loss or damaged due to a state declared emergency or theft, the state is obligated by law to compensate you for your loss. At Charles Pharr ISA CAPP, we help you make claims for this compensation.

5. Gift taxes

If you are ever considering gifting property to a loved one (which is entirely different from inheritance), you are called on by law to pay a “gift tax.” This tax is to be paid by the person giving the gift.

6. Appraisal review

Suppose you have received an appraisal and consider it to be a wrong appraisal review. In that case, we will re-evaluate your property’s value and provide you a quote on whether there is any difference in the previous appraisal you’ve received.

7. Divorce Appraisal

When going through a divorce, for the process of property distribution, in a court trial, a judge will request a divorce appraisal to understand the fair market value against which the property will be distributed.

8. Litigation support

As part of providing litigation support, our responsibility is to give aid to any legal professional, client, and paralegals. Most of my clients are those who need assistance in researching complex cases.

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