Five Reasons Why A Villa Stay Is Better Than A Resort Stay

When you are ready to go on vacation, you need to decide where you are going, where to stay, and what you will do while you are there. Staying in a massive resort can be very expensive, and you may not want to be in a place that is crowded with people. There are five reasons listed below that will explain why you need to rent a villa the next time you travel. You are improving your vacation experience when renting a villa, and you will never want to go back to a hotel or resort again.

Five Reasons Why A Villa Stay Is Better Than A Resort Stay

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1. Villas Are Spacious

Villa rentals Bahamas locations ensure that you have more room than you would if you were staying in a hotel or resort. There are no resort rooms that can be as big as a villa that has several bedrooms, a massive kitchen, more than one bathroom, and a sitting area. Plus, you will get a porch or patio along with immediate street access. You may choose to bring more people on your trip because you have room for everyone in the group. Plus, you will find that it is nice to have room for hosting parties during your vacation.

2. Villas Are Affordable

You will spend just as much money on a villa as you would in a hotel room. The hotel expects you to pay for an expensive room because they have shops and restaurants inside the hotel. You can go shopping or out to eat when you live in a villa with street access. You can walk to the beach, and you may even get a villa with a pool. You are given all the same amenities as a hotel for the same price.

You may work out a special deal with the owner of the villa if you are staying for a long period of time, and you can arrange certain accommodations while you are there. You could have people come to the house to pick up your dry cleaning, or you could use the washer and dryer in the house. Plus, you have a fridge and freezer that are in good working condition, the dishes in the cabinets, and the pots/pans that you can use to cook for the family.

3. Villas Are Private

A hotel is never private. You will hear people coming and going at all hours, and you will see crowds of people during certain times of day that make it hard to get to the beach, hard to get lunch, and even hard to get on the elevator. Because of this, you should consider staying in a villa where the only people present are you and your family. It is quiet when you wake up in the morning, you can get in the pool if you want, and you can make breakfast in your kitchen. Plus, a cleaning service will come by a few times during your trip.

4. Villas Are Beautiful

The villa that you stay in is not a cookie-cutter hotel room that looks like all the other hotel rooms. You will stay in a unique space that stands out when you are taking pictures. People can tell that you stayed in the same villa for all your trips because they love the artwork and architecture that defines the house. These villas have special bedding in every room, and they are decorated to feel like home.

5. Villas Are Something Of A Status Symbol

It feels nice to tell your friends and neighbors that you are staying in a villa, and you can even invite people along. There is a certain allure to staying in a villa because it has a sophisticated undertone that everyone will appreciate. Plus, you can stay in a villa where you have gotten to know the owner. When you know the owner, it is easy to get the dates and times you want. This person will work with you to make sure you can pick your own vacation dates, and you will receive all the special accommodations you need including special meal service, cleaning, and even specific toiletries you have requested.


There are several ways for you to vacation, but staying in a villa is the best way to do it. You will get away from the throngs of people that are in a resort, and you will have access to your own pool, your own kitchen, and extra space that you would not get if you were staying in a hotel. You can park your car in a private place, and you are free to walk to the beach or go shopping without getting on an elevator. The villa lifestyle is one that you must try for yourself because it is a liberating experience when you go on vacation to a sunny locale.

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