Why Do Digital Nomads Love Thailand?

There are far more digital nomads than you might think; people who make their living on the Internet, there are many different occupations/professions that fall under the digital nomad umbrella. This growing group has the luxury of being able to live wherever they choose, as long as they have a stable Internet connection and a laptop, and one of the top digital nomad destinations is Thailand, which we examine in this article.

Why Do Digital Nomads Love Thailand?

Here are a few aspects of Thailand that attract the digital nomad.

Low cost of living –

When compared to Europe and the US, the Land of Smiles wins hands-down in the cost-of-living stakes. Three hundred dollars a month gets you a luxury apartment in a 5-star complex with swimming pool, fitness room and so much more. You couldn’t rent a shoebox in the west for that money, whereas in Bangkok, you have your own private parking, landscaped grounds and 24/7 manned security. Food is cheap, as is travel and with fantastic Internet coverage, Thailand is a digital nomad’s paradise.

Excellent infrastructure –

The roads are better than some western countries and there is a railway network that covers the entire country. Buy a big bike and explore some of the best rides you’ll ever encounter; take a trip from the southern border to the most northern part of Thailand and you can work whenever the need arises. The number of entrepreneurs that live in Thailand is significant; you should learn to speak Thai and get to know the Thais, who are very gracious and polite.

Fast & cheap Internet –

You can buy a SIM with unlimited data (4gb per second), which allows you to hotspot from your smartphone to your laptop. This would be less than $30 per month and you have nationwide coverage, no need to a landline. The ability to get online anywhere with unlimited data and for such a low cost! You can run your business from a tropical beach or the cool forests in the north of Thailand.

Climate –

Many digital nomads travel between their home country and Thailand, preferring to escape the cold winter and go home at the start of the summer, which is monsoon season in Thailand. Thailand enjoys a tropical climate and perhaps the only downside is the high humidity, otherwise it is perfect. When travelling, it is often the case where 4-star accommodation is the best solution.

Thai food –

Thai food is ranked up there with the best of the world cuisines, and whether street-food or a seafood restaurant, you will love the rich diversity that the Siam culture offers. There are so many fruits in this fertile land and the Thais make some pretty amazing desserts dishes, which you must try.

The culture –

The Thais are always smiling and they radiate serenity, which is very contagious, check out the Tourism Authority of Thailand for information on all parts of the nation. Learn more about Buddhism, which 95% of the people practice and learning the language will open many doors.

If you work from home or run your own online business, there’s nothing stopping you from relocating to the tropical paradise known as Thailand.


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