20 Best Work from Home Platforms that offer High Payouts

Freelance websites are another best platform for both employers posting their work and users looking for a job. As a freelancer or remote job worker, it is another best method to turn your hobby or talent into money. They have the freedom & rights to apply only for their favorite jobs or projects. Make use of these websites for setting a great solid with your freelance or remote job career.

It will assist users to find the best clients easily and trust along to earn employers. Freelancers can consistently enhance their skills by working with various employers on different projects. You can groom your portfolio and gain more job offers from these platforms based on work from home.

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Best Work from Home Platforms 2020 to get High Payouts

1. Virtual Vocations

Virtual Vocations is another best remote job website to offer an excellent job board only for freelancers or remote work. Numerous corporate listings are available and also appropriate to choose from by the telecommuters. While registering or account creation on the Virtual Vocations site, it will alert with emails after receiving your expertise jobs.


  • Pricing: Monthly Subscription charges ($15.99)
  • Jobs available for the entire experience levels
  • Good Job filters

2. Skip the Drive

Skip the Drive job website will offer numerous freelance gigs and the best remote jobs in Sales. Make use of the advanced vetting system within this platform to browse & locate your favorite jobs. Some of the remote jobs are well-categorized or accessed through location, relevance, or date filters. This website will also publish or post some remote jobs from various other recruitment sites. Applicants can make use of this option to choose the best jobs from the available options.


  • Pricing: Free subscription, but Job listings pricing at $79
  • No account creation or registration
  • Browse & locate the best freelance or remote jobs with a user-friendly interface & process

3. Red Hat

Red Hat is another best recruitment website for hiring numerous best remote job workers and freelancers. They will assist the clients to choose the best candidates to work on their projects, particularly for the marketing/sales department. Red Hat website is the best & right platform for sales representatives with excellent experience and skills set.


  • Pricing: Monthly subscription package may vary depending on the user’s preference
  • Flexible & Collaborative environment
  • Numerous career advancement opportunities

4. Zip Recruiter

Zip Recruiter is one of the most popular recruitment websites available across the online marketplace. They find freelancers depending on the right experience to match the most compatible and right jobs. Many industry giants will utilize this online platform for hiring talented freelancers. Members are requested to fill the available profile form for applying for a job. They can review the list of available freelance jobs and apply the same on their preference.


  • Pricing: Free trial period for four-day and after monthly plan charges are applicable
  • Newsletters
  • New job notifications
  • It is much easier to utilize a user-friendly interface

5. Assemble.tv

This website has a systematic and well-organized platform to offer highly creative & efficient individuals for working across notable brands. They can easily connect and communicate with the impressive ingenious talent. It includes numerous list of video editors, photographers, copywriters, directors, and many more. Freelancers should pass the standards and screening process to take part in their creative network. After taking part in the website’s community, freelancers must submit a free, if they are selected and shortlisted.


  • Pricing: Depending on different experience and skill level
  • Freelancers can work on their favorite projects
  • Notable individuals can connect across the industry

6. Creative Cow

Creative Cow forum will offer numerous tips and guidance on software education and troubleshooting. This website’s community includes expertise & experienced video editors for providing excellent skills. It is essential to publish or upload the video real of your work on your profile to showcase from the available video-editing jobs.


  • Pricing: Depending on different experience and skill level
  • Mentorship from expertise and experienced video editors
  • Complex software utilization and guides

7. Motionographer

Motionographer is another best remote job and freelancer site to showcase available jobs in visual effects, animation, and filmmaking. A few other jobs include a visual effects specialist, motion graphics designer, and generalist.


  • Pricing: Standard Posting ($129 per month)
  • It is suitable for people with different experience and skill level
  • This website will work along with numerous art directors, designers, and famous animators

8. Skyword

Skyword is another best content marketing platform and most popular to offer consistent & excellent freelance writing opportunities. Many clients will utilize this platform for posting their content or connecting the freelancers. They can easily manage relationships and communicate on outsourcing work with the freelancers. Skyword site will assist the writer to browse through the available jobs and match the requirements.

Writers are allowed to work on numerous projects simultaneously depending on the client’s requirements or projects. Skyword’s freelance job board will never confine to offer only English or U.S. companies. It supports numerous clients across 27 countries and above 13 languages.


  • Affordable pricing when compared to other freelance websites
  • Numerous writing jobs are available
  • Noticeable clients can easily connect the freelancers

9. Blogging Pro

This Blogging Pro freelance writing website will offer numerous remote job opportunities under different categories. Some of them like technical writing, proofreading, journalism, content writing, blogging, and many others. Many popular online writing job collections are available and make it easier to browse & locate for freelancers. You can earn money by utilizing your writing skills from home without any hassle. Blogging Pro site will provide some samples for reference while applying for writing jobs.


  • Pricing: $30 per month
  • Numerous remote writing jobs are available
  • Groom your blog by utilizing the available tips

10. Contena

Contena is another best freelance writing website to offer numerous available writing jobs to content creators, writers, and editors. You can find a mixture of remote jobs and freelance opportunities. Contena’s site will assist the freelancers to browse & locate their favorite jobs. Depending on their skill set or search results, they can choose the most profitable & excellent writing categories. Different freelance writing jobs are available in beauty, finance, wellness, education, technology, and other industries.


  • Pricing: Platinum Membership ($800 per year) and Gold Membership ($500 per year)
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Mediation services
  • Effective training courses

11. Twine

Twine website specializes in showing various jobs from animation, web development, digital & creative sectors, and others. With a huge global community, there are numerous freelancers to choose their exciting and variety of jobs regularly. Depending on the 10 different criteria, the in-depth matching system will assist the freelancers to pair with respective clients. It ensures both the clients & freelancers will receive the fairest possible price and the best possible experience.


  • Pricing: $7.49 per month
  • Secure payment system
  • Vetting system
  • It is available with digital and as well as creative work

12. Guru

Guru website will assist users to create a profile and can represent your skills and experience perfectly. This can enhance your chances to be contacted by numerous employers. Different industries will upload their freelance job postings every day with a massive amount on this platform. Members can access this freelancing website with the help of its interactive user-friendly interface. Without any hassle, you can browse and locate your favorite jobs on this website.


  • Pricing: $29.95
  • Streamlined project process
  • A wide range of available job categories
  • It supports transactions across numerous payment methods

13. Freelancer

Freelancer site has numerous registered users across the globe and another largest freelance online jobs marketplace. Most of the companies worldwide will utilize this website for outsourcing their project or work. It includes numerous freelance jobs like Digital marketing services, Content writing, Application & Software development, and many others. Just create a profile or account and get ready to place bids on your favorite jobs.


  • Pricing: Project Fee (15%), Services (20%), and Fixed hourly projects (10%)
  • Cheapest commission rates
  • One platform to showcase countless projects

14. Indeed

Indeed is one of the most popular job websites available across the online platform and has numerous visitors every month. They will prioritize freelancers and remote job workers by providing free access to various job searches. Users can also conduct researches on multiple companies and also post resumes. It is much easier to use the website and utilize this platform for searching for various remote job listings. This site has high popularity for any remote job worker or freelancer to find their best job depending on their skill set.


  • Pricing: Sponsored Job posting ($5 per day)
  • Job alert emails
  • Large scale hiring
  • In-built online resume builder

15. CloudPeeps

This all-in-one platform will assist the online freelancing community to connect with the marketplace. It will encourage both for conducting numerous businesses. Members or users can set their pricing and search online freelance jobs by salary range, work type, or category. An impressive portfolio can utilize the CloudPeeps platform for gaining more experience. It could be very hard to join the community and after registration, it is easier to utilize secure freelancing opportunities.


  • Pricing: CloudPeeps Plus ($29 per month) and CloudPeeps ($9 per month)
  • Remote work-friendly
  • Faultless processes
  • Prompt payment
  • Flexible search options

16. Toptal

Toptal is another competitive platform to offer the hiring of top 3% freelancers across the globe. It is essential for the freelancers to pass the available screening test. After passing the test, they assure to provide placement with the best projects from various awesome clients. Some notable companies are Airbnb and Zendesk hire freelancers available on this job site. They award fair compensation along with a high platform across the competition. After joining Toptal’s community, users can gain more important connections to assign some profitable projects.


  • Starting Pricing or Charges from $60
  • Free trial policy for two-week
  • Fast placement process

17. Upwork

Upwork platform will work with a combination of two freelance online work leading platforms like Elance and oDesk. They offer numerous range of freelance opportunities and available for the entire freelance workers online. Freelancers can attract with the projects to create their bidding prices, ratings, profile, and work portfolio. Upwork will assist the users to choose their right match with the help of various filters or leveraged powerful search engines. It is flexible for everybody starting from long-term to short-term projects to expert-level or basic jobs.


  • Upwork Pricing: Projects worth above $10,000 (5% lifetime billings), within $500 to $10,000 (10% lifetime billings), & below $500 (20% charges)
  • Accurate Billing
  • Safe Payments
  • Efficient Job Search

18. SolidGigs

SolidGigs is one of the most resourceful platforms for remote work and freelancing by utilizing the easy search bar. Depending on your expertise, you can save your time by choosing the most relevant and freelance job postings. As a busy individual, our SolidGigs site will offer the best go-to website for utilizing your freelance work.


  • Monthly Pricing: $19
  • It will send a list of available best freelance gigs to the users
  • Online resource library includes various templates, interviews, and courses

19. Fiverr

As a freelancer, this is another best freelance site for starting your career. Each project with jobs will start from $5 and this platform can form even some small projects. It can build and complete your portfolio or profile for potential clients. The online freelance opportunities will create a niche in your portfolio to create more significant projects.


  • Fiverr Charges ranges from $5 up to a maximum of $995 per job (based on the project work)
  • Never bid for the clients
  • Sends the list of paying customers
  • Enhance your skillset with the offers of free M courses

20. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is another most popular platform to offer not only freelancing jobs but also a hub for beginners. They can search and locate even other flexible jobs on this platform. There are numerous job categories available on this website across the globe. Starting from high-paying executive-level jobs to entry-level positions with a different range of remote careers.

Remote career-oriented freelancers may receive flexible and scam-free work leads from the FlexJobs website. The job board of the FlexJobs Corporation will currently post numerous freelance job and remote postings with its legitimacy.


  • FlexJobs Plans or Charges: $49.95 per year, $29.95 for 3 months, & $14.95 per month
  • It can create a freelance or remote worker-client base
  • Company descriptions of numerous employers’ are available on this platform
  • Well-designed manner of listings display


Being a remote worker or a freelancer, you can select your job that fulfills your requirements. You can maintain and manage a flexible schedule by using freelance jobs. Simultaneously, you can make money and as well as take care of your responsibilities. You can refer to the above guide to know the best freelancer platforms or websites to assist with your freelance job.

Start with your self-analysis to discover or explore your strengths and then decide to choose the best remote job or freelancing. Browse & locate the best freelance job searching websites to cater your requirements and passionate your skills.

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