You want to expand your online market reach so you decided to promote your website. There are ways that it might go wrong and for many it does. In this article, we are going to discuss the NOTs of social media marketing and online website marketing. So, read this article to know if you have been committing to such mistakes.


Click Baits

There are sites that promote this concept of click-baiting. You write some catchy captions to attract readers. This falls directly under the category of yellow journalism. You make the article headline so inviting that the readers can’t refuse, they are bound to click on your link. Maybe that was your short term goal; to make the audience click on the link. But if the content is not up to the hype that you have created, or if the news is a flat out lie, then your website loses authenticity. The people clicking on the article links feel cheated. Thus it is more likely that they’ll block your blog links on social media or stop relying on your assistance altogether.

Media Value

Different social media needs different ways of handling. You can’t generate the same content and expect the identical format to work in every single platform. Even if you are trying to convey a particular message across all social sites, you must change the layout and the writing style. For example, you need to use attractive pictures with minimum word info for the Instagram crowd. Not that Instagram will restrict your word limit, but the fact is that people in this specific portal just aren’t interested in reading long passages. For more information on how to use different social accounts and what type of people are you engaging through your post, you can use various business analytics tools. They will completely break the data in simple terms so that anyone can take the right steps when it comes to social media marketing.


If you post 10 times or more per day from the same social media account, you run a risk of over posting. This will happen more so if the content is not engaging enough or interesting enough. People who follow your social media account will most likely unfollow you or mute your account. This will, in turn, lessen your online reach. So, instead of posting several posts per day make sure you post fascinating and interesting articles that keep them coming for more to your page.

Off Brand

One shouldn’t post content or link that is off-brand to its website. This is one of the major flaws when it comes to online marketing strategies. Suppose people follow your web pages for information related to SEO marketing, if suddenly your page starts posting about tourism and hotels, people will most definitely unsubscribe to your web portals as they are not getting what they were promised. You cannot divert from your initial business strategy so much that you alienate the already built audience base.

When you are handling your social media account try to avoid posting generic stuff. Hire the best SEO marketing team to manage and promote your websites and social media accounts. A management team will definitely know what common mistakes are to be avoided. The goal is to build a long term healthy connection with the online audience. This will open new opportunities for future growth while creating brand value and goodwill for the firm.

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