Most Common Dental Emergencies

Mouth issues are one of the worst and most painful ailments a person can experience. Issues such as tooth decay, cavities, or bleeding gums can create an almost unbearable throbbing sensation, leading a lot of people to seek the aid of an emergency dentist.

What’s worse is that there are a lot of problems that require professional assistance that may not be immediately obvious, leading to many people trying home remedies that don’t offer much help, or that can make the problem worse. Here are some of the most common dental emergencies and what to do if these ever happen to you or someone you know.

Most Common Dental Emergencies

Loose Teeth

A loose tooth may not instantly strike as a serious issue, as it may not have any accompanying pain or symptoms, but if you’re over the age of ten and have all your adult teeth, then a loose tooth is a big problem that requires the attention of the dentist.

The leading cause of loose teeth is usually some kind of impact trauma, most commonly brought upon by falling over or through combat sports. Whatever the cause, loose teeth need to be seen instantly, and the best ways to ensure a speedy evaluation is to get an appointment through a service such as Here they can assess the risk of the patient losing their teeth as well as lookout for other injures such as a broken jaw.

Knocked Out Tooth

Having a tooth completely separated from the gums is a big issue and needs to be treated within half an hour to have any chance of it being successfully inserted back into the mouth. It’s also an incredibly painful ordeal, due to the sheer amount of nerve endings in the root of the tooth.

To help maximize the chances of recovery, it’s important that the recovered tooth isn’t touched by the roots and instead is handled via the enamel covered side (the side you chew with). Try and place the tooth back into the socket, being careful to put it in the correct way around and in the exact position it was in.

If you cannot do this, the next best option is to store it in a glass of milk. Failing that, gently place the tooth in the mouth between the teeth and gums. It’s imperative that the tooth remains moist for it to have any chances of re-attachment.

Mouth Sores

There are a lot of common dental emergencies such as mouth sores, which can range in severity. Sores can be very painful and may obstruct eating, but they can also be an indicator of other issues too, such as gum disease, which needs quick attention to aid with treatment and recovery.

Not all sores are that serious and can be treated with various products such as Tylenol or hydrogen peroxide mouthwash, which will kill any germs within your mouth. It is worth getting in touch with a dentist if these sores persist for more than a week and don’t get any better after treatment.

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