5 Fun Things to Do As You Go Bowling In Perth

Perth offers breathtaking fun, and as you plan a trip to one of its great bowling alleys, there are a few things you’d love to tag along. This city of light has a lot to offer, from individual to group fun, and perhaps popping up a Matilda Bay beer at the end of it all. The sweetest part is that you’ll never have a dull moment in Perth, thanks to the ever cheerful and welcoming people around the town. Here are the fun things to do as you go bowling in Perth.

Fun Things to Do As You Go Bowling In Perth

1. Arcades

Arcades are a signature type of fun in the late Perth afternoons, and it’s typical to spot people having fun playing retro arcade games. The good thing is that numerous bowling alleys fuse the fun, offering arcading. So, pretty sure you won’t have to dodge the traffic and cross busy roads finding an arcade after your bowling sessions. Besides, these arcades offer a vast combo of retro and modern games, which should sure peak your fun.

2. Go-karting

You have a vast array of go-karting destinations to choose from, from O’Connor, Belmont to Wanneroo. Want to be a makeshift formula 1 star for the day? Have a go at it in Perth after your fun bowling sessions. Go-karting is an ideal way to taste your prowess behind the wheels and your perseverance for high speeds as you hit the gears. Nothing feels exhilarating and involved as racing with your favorite buddies and laughing about it afterward.

3. Tenpin bowling

Tenpin bowling

Of course, bowling is the prevailing theme surrounding your visit or stay in Perth. But if you’re down with the specifics, tenpin bowling guarantees you all the fun. For all the fun and play, you can visit https://www.zonebowling.com/venues and put your best techniques to the test. However, if you prefer other bowling forms more than tenpin bowling, you’d give it a try at ninepin or duck bowling and see which makes your adrenaline rush faster.

4. Mini golfing

You won’t have to pay hefty fees to have fun golfing – Perth has got your back! Aside from bowling in the alleys, you can also pass by mini-golfing rooms and smash balls for fun. Besides, you’ll have the chance to sip coldly refreshing cocktails and sink your teeth into tasty burgers. Pretty sure that you’ll love the hospitality and relish the sight of visibly blissful people around you.

5. Indoor skydiving

How about a terrifying feeling of drifting into the skies, done within the confines of secure and safe walls? You can find such fun in Riverdale and experience a one-in-a-million skydiving chance. The best part is that you won’t even realize you’re only a foot or two from the ground because your eyes would be busy trying to shut as the solid synthetic whiff of the wind barely gives them a chance to see things around.


Perth bowling is fun if you tag along with a dessert of other enjoyable activities with friends and family. Whether you’re spending your holidays or doing it just for the sake, the city has a lot to offer. Be sure to go all in, expecting more to quench your thirst for fun and play.

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