Improving Conversion rates with Social Media

Advertising and marketing on social media do not necessarily translate to guaranteed sales. Users often view and ignore adverts, which may affect their overall effectiveness. In order to boost sales with social media marketing, you should target a better conversion rate.

how to improve conversion with social media

Conversion refers to closed sales. It is the tangible results of a purchase that has been influenced by a marketing campaign such as a paid ad. Most brands have low conversion rates because they do not implement social media best practices to attract users to their products and complete sales.

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How to use social media to improve conversion rateshow to improve conversion

If you are interested in boosting your conversion rates, these are some practices you should take up.

Taking advantage of social proof

This phenomenon is based on human psychology. Users will assume that other people know and make the right decisions in different situations. They will seek to emulate the actions and choices of the larger crowd, since they have observed the majority doing so.

Social proof is a great tool to increase conversion levels. People will make purchases that others have made, because of the level of trust in the tyranny of numbers. If used right, social proof can assure potential clients of the quality and benefit of your products or services without any active advertisement from your end.

You can find social proof for your products easily. It may be as simple as taking advantage of a great comment or review, an acknowledgement of your brand’s values or even a post that contains one of your products. You can embed such content on your site or social media platform to attract more users into making a purchase and improving your conversion rates 



Many marketing campaigns on the internet fail to make use of repetition. They may develop a great marketing strategy, complete with stunning visuals and catchy content but still have low conversion rates. For these brands, the problem might be under-marketing.

Internet users will be bombarded with different ads as they explore the web. They are such a common part of social media that people often overlook them. Users may be interested in the services and products offered but will still avoid visiting your site off the advert. Brands that rely on a single marketing wave will have missed out on all potential clients who skipped their ad because they are used to doing so.

Remarketing brings the user into contact with the ad again at a later time. Unlike the first time, users are better acquainted with the product or service on offer. They are more likely to view your advert and visit your site after viewing it for more than one time. This repetition will help draw the user to your products at their convenience, which they will be more likely to consider now.

If repeatedly used, remarketing can help create product awareness even when users do not have interest in following it up. When done at a better time, users will be more likely to visit your site and make purchases.

User-generated content can help user generated content

Like social proof, user-generated content will indirectly boost your conversion levels by helping you appear more credible and boosting user confidence levels. Instead of using your own content, using submissions from loyal fans could actually be a better way to go.

Maintaining high-quality content is one of the ways to drive-up traffic to your site. Users will develop brand loyalty over time as they maintain regular interest in your content. It can be great for business, with increased traffic boosting conversion levels. However, users will not necessarily buy just because your content is great. Many sites offer similarly great content as well,

Creating an allowance for user-generated content can help raise your conversion levels. Users will be more likely to trust your platform and make purchases when some of their peers are featured on the site.

You do not need to wait for users to submit their content. You can create a specific submission for members of your audience, from which you only need to choose some content over each regular period. You can feature one guest article on your site every week from the dozens of submissions made. It can also involve submission of images and videos as well.

Satisfying your customers

satisfying your customer

Finding a new customer is up to 10 times harder than keeping existing customers. Users who are already connected with your brand will be more likely to make purchases in future than new users. You should implement measures to help maintain your customer base instead of seeking to increase its size.

Users with some history will be more likely to use your platform to make future purchases. They can be better for your conversion rates than new users, who may not yet be willing to trust your platform enough to make purchases.

You can maintain high customer satisfaction levels by creating a great platform for service. Users’ requests should be responded to in as little amount of time as possible. Up to 45% of users will not revisit a site that does not respond within the same day, with 40 % of users expecting a maximum response time of about one hour. Quick responses will maintain great customer-brand relationships, which will positively shape future purchases.

You can offer personalized and effective customer service to ensure that they are always satisfied when they visit your site. Always broadcast important messages through your social media platforms to keep them up to date with any relevant information. You may also monitor online conversations involving your brand to see how customers are responding to your brand. This will help you stay ahead of any negative claims, and to address them before they become major issues.

Final thought

For E-Commerce, conversions are central to the business. Even if your brand has high engagement rates and constant traffic, you will not achieve any growth without converting this into sales. You can improve your conversion levels by raising customer satisfaction and improving user experience. You can use the paid approach to promote your content. Instagram video views, followers and paid adverts to improve user engagement levels. You can also source user content and feedback to help appear more authentic to your followers.

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