Deck Design for the Modern Home

Decks have replaced the cement patio in the backyard. Not only are they more functional, but also they are much more attractive as well. With the right style of deck design, you can create quite an attractive and functional deck for your backyard, upstairs, or as a wrap-around for your entire house. Even synthetic decking has taken on a new look as manufacturers have come to realize the importance of appearance.

The modern process is to embed a deep wood grain into the surface of the boards to give the deck a wood appearance. Other manufacturers may brush the surface in order to give it a raised grain effect or streak colors through the materials that make it resemble mineral streaks and variations in color.

Deck Design for the Modern Home

Common deck design

Though it is the most common deck design material, wood is not the only material on which decks are made. Ornamental iron railings are often seen in restoration and renovation projects. This look has been made affordable by recreating the detail and quality look of the historical case iron/wrought iron railings with a combination of techniques used during the time period and modern technology. As decks become more popular and homeowners seek to create outdoor entertaining spaces for both relaxation and entertainment, a different type of deck design based on personal preference becomes more crucial. In addition, it has been shown in 2005 reports that a homeowner recoups 90% of the cost of a deck addition in increased property value.

Many homeowners are looking for a deck design that is constructed of low maintenance materials and can hold up in extreme weather conditions. To accommodate this need, many contractors recommend composite decking. This is especially important in areas such as the Rocky Mountains whose climate is extremely hard on decks. Composite decking offers a variety of benefits including durability and slips resistance. Many homeowners today opt for a deck design that may also include a built-in barbeque grill, spa, or any number of other amenities. Software is also available that allows you to build your deck design online with all of the amenities you seek.

Porch or Patio

A deck may be a porch or patio, and may even be designed off a second-floor bedroom or as a wrap-around porch depending on the specifications of the homeowner. Choosing the deck design that meets your personal specifications is the most important aspect of your project, and the contractor should be willing to follow your directions with no more than recommendations at the time the quote is presented. Before you have someone give a quote, be certain that you have a basic idea of what kind of deck design you want so that you aren’t easily swayed by the opinions of those who might try to sell you something more expensive than what you have been considering paying.

A deck is quite attractive and adds a great deal of beauty to your home, but it can be an expensive investment as well. That’s why it’s important to know what you want, what you can afford, and hire someone who is willing to work without your specifications.

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