Two Money Savings Tips we Often Overlook

A penny saved is a penny earned, and even if we understand that inflation might have undercut the value of a penny over the centuries, the core of this idea holds. Though there are hundreds of little ways to save cash, some of which we’ve covered on our website before, there are some major ones that are more often overlooked. Exploring two big examples, we’re sure this article will cover some ideas you’ve not considered before, for little savings to add up to something more.

Money Savings Tips we Often Overlook

You’re (Probably) Paying too Much for Internet

Having access to the internet was once a luxury, where we’d pay a small monthly fee for access to various oddities and curiosities. Today, the internet is a practical necessity, and it’s also a lot more expensive than it used to be. So, why do we often overpay?

The general idea is that we settle for service, and then we accept this is standard and static. As we would with a cable TV provider in the days of yore, we accept this monthly fee, and we forget about it. What we tend to overlook is that the internet is ever-evolving, and prices rarely remain the same for long.

Consider if you signed up for DSL internet five or even ten years ago. The speed might still suit you fine, but since that point, your ISP has likely included much faster ADSL and fiber options. As customers aren’t willing to pay over a certain amount, this means the new faster plans fall within a certain price range, and existing plans are then made cheaper. In real terms, this had resulted in a 98% reduction in price per megabit from 2008-2018 alone.

Thing is, your ISP isn’t going to tell you if the plan you’re already paying has moved to a cheaper bracket. With this in mind, go to your ISP’s website and check the plans they currently offer. You should either be able to switch your plan to a cheaper one at the same speed, or update your speed and keep paying the same.

Touching Up or Beginning Home Projects

Big home projects like remodeling can be out of the reach of beginners, but that doesn’t mean every part of the process needs to be left for the professionals. Instead, it can be possible for amateurs to either touch up existing projects or start on new projects to save the labor costs of professional workers.

A common example of this idea could be found in a process like removing leftover glue and glue stains on tile floors. Online tutorials can be great helps on what to use, how to stay safe, and ensure everything is left in a better state than how you found it. Something this basic could cost over a hundred dollars easily if left to a contractor, where it would you only cost the price of supplies.

It could also be possible to get started on more major projects like retiling by yourself while leaving the hard work for qualified professionals. Removing tiles is far easier than installing them, for example, where a simple guide can easily help you get started saving money.

These examples are some of the easiest ways we see people lose money, and they’re also some of the simplest approaches to keep in mind. No matter your level of familiarity with technology or home repair/decoration, you’re more equipped to get started than you might think. Keep a reminder around for the odd occasions these opportunities pop up, and your small savings could soon become something much more.

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