What Is The SSC CGL And SSC CHSL Salary?

The Staff Selection Commission Combined Graduate Level Exam is held to appoint applicants for Group B and C positions in the Government of India’s various departments. SSC CHSL is a national-level exam that is held to recruit new members with a higher secondary education into various offices, government departments, and ministries for various positions such as Data Entry Operator, Sorting Assistants, and so on. However, first and foremost, we will talk about SSC CHSL and SSC CGL salary.


SSC CGL Salary

The most desired job in India is the SSC CGL Positions and Salary. Shortlisted candidates are offered substantial compensation packages and bonuses, as well as a variety of perks and benefits by the Staff Selection Commission. The SSC CGL salary varies by post and work location, and the same is the case with SSC CHSL Salary. The post’s grade pay, pay level, as well as the location in which he or she is assigned, are all important aspects of the SSC CGL Salary.

The compensation of SSC CGL was enhanced by 3% after the introduction of a 7th pay commission, bringing the in-hand income between  Rs 24,000 to Rs 37,000. The categorisation among Indian cities is a grading system used by the Indian government to assign House Rent Allowance for government servants working in various locations across the country.

For each position in the SSC CGL Salary Per Month, certain charges will be subtracted from the salary, such as General Provident Fund, CPF, Central Government Health Scheme, and CGEGIS. The government provides them with a travel allowance to cover their daily travel expenses. Employees in urban regions would receive Rs 3600 in travel allowance, while candidates in remote regions would receive Rs 1800.

Medical expenditures are compensated to every SSC CGL employee by the government. The government will reimburse any medical expenses for treatments to the government official or their family if the employee files a claim. The advantage of any government service is a pension where you will be paid a handsome amount monthly even after you retire in your old age, and a portion of this will be withdrawn from your salary each month.


The remuneration for the SSC CHSL varies from place to place and for different employment positions. SSC CHSL Salary in hand range from Rs 28000 to Rs 40000 per month, based on the position and locality. The monthly net compensation for Postal & Sorting Workers is 36903/-, whereas the monthly net income for Lower Division Clerks is Rs 28000.

A Cost-of-Living Allowance of 17% of the basic salary is given to public employees who have qualified for the SSC CHSL exam. House rent allowances, which are included in the SSC CHSL salary, are compensation for employees that is granted to make their stay at the location of posting more comfortable. If an employee uses the employer’s leased house or leased flats, he or she will not be eligible for this allowance.

The CGEGIS scheme offers a two-fold benefit, which is as follows: The first is insurance to assist their family, and the second is a lump-sum payout to supplement their retirement funds. The Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare established the Central Government Health Scheme with the goal of providing adequate medical treatment to Central Government workers, retirees, and their dependents who live in CGHS-covered localities.

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