7 Different Styles of Jeans

We all live in a world where people think that we can survive if we have just one pair of jeans. But that should not be the case. It should be a 7-day policy, that there is 7 type of jeans in your wardrobe. Many people must be thinking why? From so many centuries fashion and trends keep on changing but only one thing remains constant in our wardrobe and that is a good pair of jeans whether we are male, female or even a kid. So, there should be seven different types of jeans for seven days a week. Seems to be a good logic but the question arises that are seven types of jeans even available because everyone has a myth that there is only one type of jeans and they all look the same. But that’s not true.

So here we are resolving your problem by listing different types of jeans according to all the aspects you can think of like body type, dress accordance, occasion, age, etc.

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type of jeans



Mens super skinny jeans as we can get the idea from the name itself that it is a type of jeans that fit the body completely. Hugging the bottoms very tightly and giving an amazing shape to your body. It is a type that can never go off the trend and will be there with almost everybody. But skinny is more suited to the people who have slim build up. It comes in low, mid- and high-rise waist cuts. They are usually stretchable which makes look much better.

So, for all the slim fits or those who have an amazing leg shape, you just can’t wait to wear such kind of bottoms and flaunt.

High Waist

There are three types in the category of the waistline. One of them is a high waist. It is one of the most trending jeans going on right now as it gives the perfect curves to the body. It is highly appreciated by the people who have a little bulky body. They can wear it and can flaunt their figure in a way they have never think before. You can now buy amazing pair of jeans by applying ae coupons online as there is a wonderful sale going on. You can now avail 25% OFF on all jeans, even including new arrivals.


These types of jeans will make your legs look way too long as they already are. The way it is designed, it does not exactly fit your body very tightly but will give you are a normal shape and will strengthen your length. This can be worn by anyone but it is preferred mostly by people who are shorter in heights. It looks very classy with tight fitted top as it gives a very funky look with shoes.

Boot Cut

Boot cut jeans are famous as the mother’s jeans because of the way it is styled and the comfort. It is tight till the knee and then subtly open out past your calf muscles and then again become tight. It has become a trend nowadays as it looks very funky and stylish at times. If worn with a good top and right shoes, you can flaunt it like nobody else. Even slippers look cool with such jeans. Not only mummy but even you can shine it like a star by adding it your wardrobe.


This is basically legging in denim fabric. Many girls wear a little large top with it which are lower from the hip line as they are not comfortable sometimes but it can be wear in a normal way too just like the skinny jeans with very classy short top and high heels. Most women love jeggings as they are highly comfortable and it comes with a waist bandwidth gives the perfect figure to girls too. These types of clothes are also preferred by the women at the maternal stage as it does not give any pressure on the belly and look the same stylish too. These are worn by everybody every season because of the fabric and the comfort it gives. It suits all body type and it will fit well and give you the perfect shape as per your demand. It can be a go to jeans for you.


Flared jeans are literally nineties fashion statement, but now also again it is rocking the fashion industry. Unlike boot cut jeans, this actually flares up very wide below the knees. These look amazing with short Kurtis with heavy jhumka and a simple belly.

Flared jeans can actually give you a very different and decent style statement on Friday office days. These types of jeans somewhere lie between boot cut and bell bottom style trousers. Check out this wide array of all American flares from vibeclothingcompany.com.

Different style statement is a demand of the outside world and hence this is perfect for a change.

Ankle Length

From the very old times tradition was set to me as full-length jeans but as the time passes by, trend also changed a little bit. Now there is a fashion of jeans which is a little above the foot that is known as ankle-length jeans. It is the must jeans in every girl’s wardrobe. This is being worn by almost everybody in their day to day life. Such jeans look good with everything whether it is Kurti, top, crop top, etc. Having such jeans can be your go to with every look and for every day.

Wearing a different types of cloth is like a new fashion statement nowadays. And just changing the upper wear and wearing the jeans won’t work well for you. The above mentioned list is some of the jeans which should be there in your wardrobe so that you can style yourself every day in a different look. Walk outside your home like you are walking on the ramp.

So, it’s time to re-check our wardrobe and make changes accordingly. So, go and buy these different kinds of jeans by availing amazing deals. And look like a star every day.

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