Move Over Martha Stewart-These Treats Will Make You The Hit Of The PTO

If you’ve just joined the PTO, you might be suddenly finding yourself in charge of arranging a host of delicious treats for the next school fundraiser. That can be an intimidating prospect. However, there’s no need to panic. You may need to feed 300 families on a tight budget, but it’s something you can easily achieve with our brilliant treat ideas.

Whether you’re preparing sweet or savory snacks, there are lots of simple treats which you can whip up at a moment’s notice but which are sure to impress the rest of the PTO. We’ve got ideas for all kinds of events, so whether you’re preparing a brunch, party tea, catering for a special event or just providing cakes for a bake sale, these suggestions will make you a hit.

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Move Over Martha Stewart

Muffin Tin Eggs

If you’re preparing treats for brunch, you can make life easy for yourself by simply cracking an egg into each space of a muffin tin and baking them in the oven. Pop into sliced English muffins and you’ve got tasty breakfast sandwiches with minimal effort.

A Waffle Bar

Whizz up a huge batch of waffle mix, draft in a few waffle makers and set up a waffle production line. You don’t need to put in too much effort – families can choose their own toppings from the serve yourself bar.

A Taco Bar

If you’re catering for an outdoor event such as a fireworks party or Halloween celebration a taco bar is an ideal solution. Once you’ve prepared an enormous pot of chili all you need to do is put out the tacos and toppings on a table and allow everyone to serve themselves.

Supersized Subs

Ideal for summer picnics, supersized subs are really simple to prepare. Simply get an extra-long baguette or Italian loaf, slice in half and pop in your some simple fillings – shredded chicken or ham work very well – then slice into pieces and serve.

A Jacket Potato Bar

You can easily load up your oven with potatoes then all you have to do is put out a range of fillings on a table. Families can help themselves and prepare their favorite toppings.

Popcorn Bar

If you’re looking for something super simple that involves absolutely no effort on your behalf, a popcorn bar could be the answer. You don’t even have to pop your own corn if you don’t want to – just buy huge tubs from the cash and carry or supermarket! Supply a bunch of toppings and allow everyone to help themselves to their favorite treat.

Hot Cocoa

If you’re catering for a winter event, there’s a really simple solution to warming everyone up in a quick and easy way with minimal effort on your part. Simply heat up some milk in slow cookers, add cocoa powder and hey presto, you have a super-simple hot cocoa station for everyone to help themselves.

Super Simple Cookies

Cookies always go down well at any kind of event, whether it be a school fundraiser or a party. There are so many different options to choose from that it couldn’t be easier to ring the changes. Try adding some colorful chocolate beans to the mix for brightly colored cookies, chocolate chips for something more traditional, or pecans and maple syrup for something a little more sophisticated. For a really unusual and impressive cookie option, you can prepare pizzelle cookies fresh to order at an event. All you need is a pizzelle maker and some simple mix to make perfect cookies virtually instantly.

Giant Brownie Bars

It couldn’t be quicker or easier to prepare chocolate brownies, so invest in the biggest rectangular cake pans you can find and make huge brownie bars. You can chop them into pieces to suit the number of guests that will be attending and feed lots of people with minimal effort.

Try any of these great ideas to impress a crowd and you’re sure to become the new darling of the PTO. Whatever event you’re catering for, you can be sure there’ll be a suggestion here that will hit the spot, allowing you to impress without having to work too hard!


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