Creative Ways to Incorporate Your Radiator Into Your Interior Design

A radiator is one of the most essential and necessary items in your home. Quality heating systems allow you to feel comfortable and cozy in your home, and therefore you need to make space for them. If you have a smaller house or apartment or have lots of furniture and décor, your radiator may take up room that you’d rather not give up.

Alternatively, your radiator may just be something you’d rather not look at. Either way, there are some creative ways you can incorporate your radiator into the interior design of your home.

Creative Ways to Incorporate Your Radiator Into Your Interior Design

Utilize the Space Under Your Window

If you’d rather not give up precious wall space in your rooms, consider installing your radiators underneath your windows. There is free space below windows that you likely won’t have much use for, and it can make an excellent spot for a cast iron radiator. Beyond the aesthetic and space-saving benefits, it’s actually more functional and efficient. As the heat rises from your radiator, the cool air coming through your window will push the heat into the room. It will circulate the air at no additional cost to you.

Use Camouflage

If you can’t move the radiator and want to detract from its appearance, you can camouflage it. By painting your radiator the same color as the wall, it will help it blend into the background. It’s a cost-effective option and is a quick-fix that makes a big difference. There are also specialized covers which will sit over your radiator to keep it hidden. You can pick a design that suits your space and your taste. Make sure if you do choose an electric radiator cover that it has mesh or air holes to allow the heat to still flow freely from the radiator itself.

Make a Statement

Your radiator doesn’t need to be something you hide behind a cover. Instead, you could make it an accent piece in your room. Let your creativity flow and paint your radiator a color that matches some of the other décor in your room. It doesn’t need to be a single color, either. You could paint stripes, designs, or blend colors for a gradient look. Consider your radiator like a canvas and have fun with it. It’s important to note that you’ll need to make sure the paint you choose is suitable for radiators so it will hold up to the heat without cracking or flaking.

Build Onto It

Instead of viewing your radiator as something that is hogging valuable space, instead, incorporate it into a build. You can install shelves or a bookcase over the top to make use of the area around it. A simple shelf is perfect for displaying décor, such as photo frames or keepsakes. Alternatively, you could use it as a space for your plants. If it’s a low radiator, you could build a functional bench over the top. You could use this for entertaining, reading, or, if it’s in your hallway, for putting on shoes.


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