How Do You Fix Wall Stickers?

Wall stickers are pasted on walls to decorate rooms. People like to buy colorful wall stickers and decals with beautiful images for designing rooms of the house. However, many youngsters are not sure how to fix the wall stickers perfectly. Though it is not very difficult to use wall stickers, you have to learn a few basic steps to perform quickly in applying attractive wall stickers for beautifying the interior space of the rooms. Get it done from a recognized company that creates wonderful custom wallstickers and decal images for home décor.

How to Fix Wall Stickers

Steps to Use for Putting Wall Stickers

  • After receiving the custom pack containing wall stickers from the delivery man, cut the packet with a knife to collect the bunch of wall stickers.
  • It is a type of role which is properly sealed with cello tapes on both sides of the roll.
  • Remove the cello tapes carefully with your fingers.
  • Insert your index finger into the cover of the roll and rotate it smoothly.
  • The role will be shortened to let the cover slip out of the outer roll.
  • There is a big sheet or backing layer which has bunches of pictures/wall stickers in a row.
  • The application layer is a protector to safeguard the wall stickers nicely.
  • Take masking tapes or cello tapes for fixing the backing layer on the wall.
  • Before posting the backing layer on the wall, dry the particular area with a piece of cloth.
  • There should not be any droplet of moisture or water to weaken the strength of the adhesive texture of the wall stickers.
  • Now, use your tapes to affix the backing layer on the wall surface perfectly.
  • All four corners of the wall sticker sheet should be fixed with the cello tapes. Take a strip of tape for running it across the backing layer horizontally.  With a rule, measure the borderline to create the divide by pasting the tape on the application layer.
  • Now, remove the top 2 corner masking tapes manually.
  • Peel off the application layer from the backing layer without leaving the decal behind.
  • The application layer should not be detached from the decal images
  • The backing layer needs to be separated
  • Fold the top portion of the backing layer halfway and take it down to the divide section or central portion carefully.
  • Cut the middle section of the backing layer with the knife or a sharp blade slowly.
  • Remove the backing layer and then hold the two corners of the upper part of the application layer for perfect posting on the wall.
  • Use a squeegee or a credit card to level the texture of the upper part of the application layer on the surface of the wall. Underneath the application layer, there should not be any bubbles to create problems.

Same way, repeat the process when you fix the other half of the application layer containing the decal image.

Kindly protect the application layer as it has the main decal image. Wall stickers are fantastic world-class home décor items.  People like to buy ultra-modern wall stickers with superb application layers. Many online vendors give directions to customers on how to do the proper wall stickers installation on different parts of the wall.  For instance, on the application layers, you will detect different alphabets for proper image resetting. Follow rules for the removal of different parts of the decal image step by step. Say, on the application layer, you will see a set of B items in series. If you peel off all B parts for posting pictures on the wall, it will create a specific image. In this way, remove specified Alphabets from the backing layers for perfect fixation. Read guidelines properly on how to fix the awesome large wall stickers in your home.

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