Miami, Florida – The Perfect Getaway

Many destinations are commonly known to offer a variety of amusements and sites for everyone. Miami, Florida offers culture, history, amazing sights, great children’s facilities outstanding nightlife and so much more. If you are a sports fanatic, or you would like to try out some deep sea fishing, this is the place to be. Along with the beautiful sights you can also expect to pack your summer clothes as the sun is always shining brightly. Here are some reasons why Miami, Florida should be on top of your list of vacation choices.


Arts & Culture

Although it may seem that Miami is enjoyed because of its beautiful beach. You will in fact be shocked to find that this destination is booming with arts, music, culture and even theatre. There are so many inspirational places to visit. Museums and festivals are additionally of the many. You could even delve into the unique Miami Beach show. Miles of the beach is full of architectural creativity. If you are a lover of art and musicals then visiting this location is ideal.


You can visit Commodore Munroe’s home which was built in 1891. This gentleman is known to have been a very charming and inspirational individual. Commodore Munroe was a seaman and enjoyed designing yachts. Visitors enjoying coming to this destination to relax and sit on the rocking chairs and benches. The Dezer Collection Auto Museum & Event Space is a new exciting place to see over 2,000 car designs. If you are looking for an unforgettable experience then this is the place to go.

Theme parks

Although Disneyland is not situated in Miami, Florida it is still in close proximity to any Child’s dream come true holiday. Disneyland is renowned all around the world for its incredible children’s entertainment facilities. This theme park is full of so much joy and excitement that there is no way your young ones will be left un entertained. As this park is only a 3 and a half hours drive away from Orlando, FL, there will surely be a lot of people passing through Miami, FL. So if ever you plan on going to Disneyland, be sure to enjoy the amazing views of Miami on your way through.


Spa-goers can enjoy the tropical and unique treatments performed by experts. Local ingredients are used such as the sand and ocean salt to perform particular treatments. Luxury spa’s such as the Spa at The Conrad Miami Hotel. Not only can you relax whilst being pampered but you will also experience the stunning sea views. Head on down to Miami Spa if you want to experience the best quality customer service and receive the most relaxing massage or facial treatment.

So, a holiday to Miami would be awesome, right? There is so much more to be discovered here which really you can’t judge until you have seen it for yourself. Perfect for all ages this is a must-see location for anyone.

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