The 7 Most Common IT Security Risks

Elaborate approach to software development largely determines the success of the project as a whole. Without a planned strategy, it is difficult to achieve quality results, especially when project developers do not follow established procedures. Detailed planning significantly increases the chances of a positive result, but along with it there are negative factors, which in most cases become hidden “pitfalls” on the way to a successful solution of the problem. Our security testing company DataArt is ready to help clients achieve their goals and ensure high security along the way.

Most Common IT Security Risks

Change of technical specifications

The most common and significant danger of failure. The tricky part of such a situation is that it is problematic to predict it even with the most successful relationship with the customer.

For the stability of work, the terms of the technical assignment should be written in detail in the contract and the relationship should be fixed in writing. In case of any proceedings or changes in the development brief, the contractor will have the opportunity to minimally “hide behind” a signed document and demand an additional payment for an increase in the volume of work.

Lack of motivation of team members

Many executives will say that it is better not to keep disgruntled employees at all, even when they are really in demand. One “offended” team member can contagiously influence all project participants and turn the workflow into an endless argument. It is also important to provide each employee with the necessary freedom of action and a system for personal growth in the team.

Limited communications

Most Common IT Security Risks

Well-organized communications unite the team and minimize the loss of time during the implementation of the project. Knowledge sharing is essential for the successful integration of newcomers into the team. The greater the percentage of interchangeability of each participant in the process, the less risks in case of unwanted loss of key application developers.

Each participant in the work process should have the opportunity to express their opinion, have ways to argue their decisions and set aside personal interests. This system of values ​​in the exchange of data has repeatedly proved its effectiveness. After all, a working group with “imposed” leaders and limited opportunities for the rest of the team members, leads to inevitable losses in the composition of the project participants.

Teamwork on a project

Modern technologies offer many solutions for teamwork on a project. This is an important and sought-after advantage for a successful mission. When each project participant is connected to a unified monitoring system for the stages of software development, the coherence of the work of employees is improved and the risks of erroneous decisions are reduced. Therefore, with the unplanned departure of one of the team’s specialists, it is easier to replace the loss, since the newcomer will see the state of work processes and the completion of the project as a whole.

Incorrectly organized communications with the customer

A partnership with a customer is very important for the implementation of a software product. It is enough to highlight the time frame for making decisions or corrections when completing the assignment. Sometimes it takes a significant number of working days only for the customer to correct the technical assignment.

The opinion of the customer is, in most cases, a “sacred cow” for any performer. When the customer insists using controversial arguments, it is easier to complete the additional amount of work than to go against the payer. From the minute of fundamental gaps in opinions and stages of implementation, your project is under the threat of unpaid orders. Therefore, it is important to approve the correct decision-making and revision system in order to avoid downtime and unwanted proceedings in the future.

Violation of the approved terms of software development

Development of a software project without time delays is quite a rare case. Unplanned difficulties, unsuccessful testing, incorrectly estimated complexity, additional costs, the list goes on for a very long time. Most of these problems can be avoided with planning, experience, and attention to hidden details.

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