Lyle Advisors Shares Various Ways To Save in Online Shopping

Online shopping is almost a trend today. The e-commerce companies offer deep discounts to attract more and more customers. There have been cases where the online products were sold at below manufacturing price. The sole reason behind doing this is to make customers habitual of online shopping. Customers also need to be innovative to get maximum discounts on their online purchases. In this article, Lyle Advisors talked about the various ways to save money in online shopping.

Ways To Save in Online Shopping

Lyle Advisors Online Shopping Tips Advice

  • Add the products you wish to buy to the shopping cart and leave

One of the best ways to get an online shopping discount is to add products you want to buy in the shopping cart. After you have added the products, simply log out from the website. Now, this is known as abandoned cart which is a major issue for e-commerce companies. The only solution to this problem is to offer a discount to the customers who had abandoned the shopping cart. However, this technique works only once or twice. You will not receive discount coupons if you form a habit of abandoning the cart.

  • Credit card offers

This one is also a great way to get discounts but you need to have the credit card of the bank which has tied up with that particular e-commerce player. But most of the time credit card offers are available for high-value online shopping normally Rs 7500 and above.

  • Discounts are offered on High Value Shopping

There are some e-commerce sites which offer more discount if total purchase value crosses a particular limit. But you can’t buy more just to get a discount. You need to do a cost-benefit analysis. Also, there is another option for creating a shopping pool. Say you and your 2 other friends are planning to buy something online. You 3 can place a single order and avail discount.

  • Discount Coupon

The e-commerce companies circulate online shopping discount coupons in order to create an impression that online shopping means savings/discounts. Also, there are customers, who don’t have knowledge regarding this and are not tech-savvy, they may buy without a discount. Now this will compensate for the customers who have bought with a discount.

  • Compare the prices

There are price comparison websites which show the current price of a particular product on various e-commerce websites. Sellers can offer the cheapest price but you need to check the credibility of a seller. So it’s better to follow such websites. Also, the sellers are going for using innovative ways to keep their listing on top of price comparison sites i.e. the cheapest offering. However, there is one problem with price comparison websites that data is not updated regularly. Most of them are connected with only a few e-commerce players.

  • New Customer discount

The marketing teams of e-commerce companies run special campaigns for new customers. You can easily find out about this through cookies on your laptop/desktop. A discount is offered over the air to the new potential customers. One of the best ways to get new customer discounts is to browse these websites either in incognito mode or by clearing browsing history.

  • Discounts offered during festival season

The festival season, especially between Dussehra and Diwali, is the time period when you can avail of deep discounts. People are also interested in spending money and competition also becomes tough so companies offer huge discounts and sales.

  • Discount coupons for New Registration

Companies offer discount coupons at the time of new registration. People register every time they want to buy something. E-commerce companies are also very smart because they have to increase their customer base so they also want customers to register again and again. The strategy is to increase the valuation of the company. But it’s true that you’ll avail discount each time you register so better for you.

  • Shopping through the mobile App

You can get heavy discounts on shopping through the mobile app. One reason is that today mobile phones are with everyone and is most easily accessible anytime anywhere. The policy is that don’t give customers the time to think or re-think. If you’ll not give enough time to think you’ll not change your decision. Also when you’re using a mobile screen there is a lesser probability of checking the various other sites.

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