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One of the best ways to maintain your health and fight against chronic disease is by taking good care of yourself. According to a study conducted on life expectancy in 2019 by the United Nations Population Division, Indiaranksat 144among 201 other countries with an average life expectancy of 69.27 years. While other countries like Hong Kong and Japan top the chart with an average life expectancy of 84.63 and 84.43 years respectively.

How do Japanese people live so long? The answer is simple, they follow a healthy lifestyle and give a good fight to disease and other health-related issues. Indians are growing in every field whether it is technology, sports or economy, so why not in the field of a healthy lifestyle?

Its time to learn from the best and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Here are the things to learn from Japan and apply in your day-to-day life to stay healthy:

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They Eat Healthily

The key to Japanese longevity is their traditional diet which compromises of lots of vegetables, green tea, rice, soups, and seafood. Here are some healthy dietary habits that the Japanese follow:

  • They Never Skip Breakfast

Studies have shown that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Japanese people know the importance of eating a healthy breakfast every morning, which includes vegetables, rice, eggs, soups, and green tea.

Reaching late to work or school is one of the many reasons why Indians skip the most important meal of the day. Having breakfast is the first step that you can take towards a healthy lifestyle.

They Choose Rice Over Wheat

In a country like India, where the risk of cardiovascular disease is increasing every day, consuming rice instead of wheat helps in reduction of such diseases.

Also, Japanese people don’t eat processed foods, including bread, as most Indians do. Bread is made from refined flour, which can hamper the digestive system.

They Mostly Drink Green Tea

Japan ranks amongst the top ten nations in the world that consume green tea frequently. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants, which helps in:

  • Boosting your defense against cancer
  • Reduce your risk of heart disease
  • Increase cognitive functions

You should increase the consumption of green tea to live a healthier and disease-free lifestyle.

They Make Physical Activity Daily Part Of Their Life

Regular exercising is nothing new that you will come across; exercise has always been a crucial part of an active lifestyle. the Japanese live one of the most active lifestyles as according to the World Health Organisation, more than 98% of Japanese children walk or bike to school. However, people in India have recently realized this, as many citizens have now begun taking care of their body by joining gyms, doing yoga, pilates, etc. Exercise helps in fighting many diseases such as:

  • Heart Disease: Your heart health can majorly improve if you exercise regularly. It will lower your high blood pressure.
  • Diabetes: Exercise can help insulin effectively lower your blood sugar level.
  • Cancer: Exercise can also lower the risk of being affected by colorectal, breast and prostate cancer.
  • Arthritis: Exercise can reduce pain; help reduce joint stiffness and maintain muscle strength in affected joints.
  • Back pain: Regular low-impact aerobic activities can increase the endurance and strength in your back, improving overall muscle function.

Make physical activity, a part of your daily routine to keep diseases at bay.

They Still Use Squatter-Styled Toilet

Many countries in the world have adopted the western style of toilets, including ours. However, the Japanese use toilets, which require you to do a deep squat. Squatter-styled toilets have several benefits over using a western-style toilet, such as:

  • It helps to loosen up your limbs
  • It helps to empty your bowels, three times faster than western toilets

Getting fresh will eventually reduce the cause of many diseases and helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

They Prefer Prevention Over Cure

“Precaution is better than cure.”

The Japanese are firm believers of the quote mentioned above as instead of jumping quickly to antacids and antibiotics, they prefer their ancient medical systems. They attempt to get to the root of the problem by using healthy habits, herbs, and prevention practices. That’s why Medication, Martial arts and other calming rituals are a significant part of their culture.

You should also focus on prevention by eating well, doing regular physical activities and maintaining good hygiene.

Want to be as healthy as Japanese people are? Follow the steps mentioned above and live ahealthier lifestyle. But sometimes things don’t turn outas well as we plan them to, a medical emergency can arise at any point of your life, and you should be well prepared for it.

With a rise in medical expenses, it’s impossible to focus on your health first and not on the financial situation. To get rid of such problem you should buy a medical insurance plan.

Medicare health insurance plan covers:

  • Medical Expenses related to hospitalization and medicines.
  • 100% of the sum insured in the event of the death of an insured person due to an accident under the accidental benefit.

Medical insurance will not only take care of your medical expenses but will provide tax benefit under Section 80D of Income Tax Act, 1986.

Buy Medicare health insurance from reputable health insurers such as TataAIG and fight a good fight against illnesses and diseases with medical insurance.

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