Things to consider before buying laptops for your business

Searching laptops for business are quite different from buying one for personal use. You can find plenty of information about the top 5 or 10 brands and models to buy the best work laptops. These write-ups are helpful but can also be a little confusing and overwhelming at times. One good idea is to invest in the All-in-One PC at Acer Online which is a multipurpose laptop that suits numerous applications.

In this guide, we try to empower you with the basic nuts and bolts of what a good business laptop looks like and help you make a more informed decision.

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Set aside your technology budget and strategize shopping

Without a well-defined budget, you are most likely to overspend, especially when it comes to technology. A budget allows you to optimize your shopping and keep the expense in check. It also helps in narrowing down the model you would pick.

In addition to creating an overall tech budget, also make sure you plan how to disburse the said amount for the number of machines you would purchase. It saves you from unnecessary overspending and significant long-term cost that you are likely to incur due to underspending on low-quality products.

Pick an operating system for your enterprise

Following are the three prominent operating systems that are mostly that are preferred for business laptops. Knowing their features and the difference between them can help you make a clever decision.

Apple OS

Machines that run Apple’s Mac OS X come with heavy price tags. These systems are often preferred by creative professionals for their excellent screen quality and ability to run heavy programs. Another reason for investing in Apple OS is that your business uses machines and software products that function only on these systems.

Windows OS

Windows is a standard and popular operating system for laptops. It allows you to choose from a wide range of products with varying features, capabilities, and prices. It is offering several new features to boost your performance including its new virtual assistance Cortana that can efficiently schedule appointments, provide weather checks, and more. The familiarity and flexibility of windows OS make it the front runner.

Chrome OS

A relatively new kid in the block is the Chromebook with Chrome OS. These laptops are highly suitable if your business runs on the cloud. Given the rise in the cloud-based programs used in different types of businesses, Chrome OS is quickly catching up with its competitors.

Assess three key specs

You can further narrow down your search by considering the following specifications.


Intel Core i3 and i5 processors are commonly used in businesses. While i3 is ideal for jobs like standard emails, documenting, etc. i5 is a better option if you need to heavily multitask. For exclusive applications, you can go for more sophisticated processors.

Memory and storage

4 to 8 GB RAM is a decent memory for a regular business machine. Ideal storage capacity is highly requirement-dependent. A solid-state drive is preferred over the traditional HDD owing to its speed.

Battery life

While it can be a nonissue for many businesses, it is crucial if your employees are often on the run. They would need a decent battery backup to be able to conduct the business while moving or from a remote location.

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