The Omegas Speedmaster Collection

Omega time makers were first founded in the year 1848. It all began in a small shop they have in La Chaux de Fonds and was created by the well-known Louis Brandt. He maintained a perfect business, but in 1879 Louis Brandt passed away, but soon after, his sons carried their father’s legacy in making outstanding timepieces for the general.

The Omega time makers have significantly proved their capabilities for creating timepieces for everyone. They have luxurious watches, but they also have affordable ones that are even money worth it so everyone can afford their clock. One of the collections they have is the Speedmaster. Let us take a look at the top Speedmaster.

Omegas Speedmaster Collection

History of the collection Speedmaster Omega has

Before moving on to the top Speedmaster, Omega has let us first tackle the Omega Speedmaster brief history and why you should choose this particular collection of the Omega company. The Speedmaster of Omega started in 1957. It was first introduced as a racing and sports chronograph. To complete its position as the Olympic game timekeeper.

The tachymeter of its scale bezel was the reason why it was named Speedmaster; it also follows the company convention that is also used in another collection they have like the Seamaster. The first-ever Speedmaster model is the reference CK 2915 and is also known by many as the broad arrow. It is designed by the well-known Swiss man Claude Baillod.

The Speedmaster models are known to carry a prestige look. It is also known to have a first-ever certificate from NASA and was worn on the moon by astronauts. The Speedmaster collection is one of the most important watches ever made in history. Every model of this collection is built with success and leaves impressions on users.

The first-ever Speedmaster, the CK 2915

The first Speedmaster of the Omega is known to be the CK 2915. It was introduced in the year 1957. They started realizing their professional timepieces known as the collection Railmaster, Speedmaster, and Seamaster. Omega first sold it to car enthusiasts to easily measure the speed they have on land.

This particular timepiece is one of the first clocks put on the tachymeter outside of this dial. It is now known to have an aesthetic standard in timepieces then it became one of the brand’s best-selling watches in overnight time.

Speedmaster CK 2998

This particular model was first introduced in the year 1959. It still uses the same case and the manual wound Caliber 321. But this specific model of the Omega Speedmaster already presents the Alphas styled hand.

This particular model was also purchased by the astronauts Leroy “Gordo” Cooper and Walter “Wally” Schirra in 1962. The first clock that astronauts ever wore in outer space before NASA officially chose them as the timepieces for extreme space missions.

Speedmaster ST 105.003

The next few years of the collection Speedmaster were the excellent years of this particular collection. In 1964 the Americas distributor granted NASA’s request for chronographs without them informing the company headquarters located in Switzerland.

They sent over the ST 105.003 Speedmaster models to NASA the NASA then tested this model. Eventually, it became the first timepiece to be given a certificate by the American space agency for the excellent space features this watch has. It is also the first watch to be worn outside the space capsule during the 1965 Gemini 4 mission.

Speedmaster ST 145.012

This particular Omega Speedmaster model was made in 1967. Models ST 105.012 and ST 145.012 were known to improve their consistency, design, and precision. These models were the last models of the Speedmaster ever to use the Caliber 321, holding the legacy of having the perfect timing on its lunar landings.

Speedmaster ST 145.022

The Omega company introduced St 145.022 in 1968. This model uses the new Caliber known to be the Caliber 861; this is the game-changer for this particular collection. It remains the foundation it first had as the moon watches up to this date.

Speedmaster Mark II

A year after the ST 145.022, the Omega introduced a new Speedmaster watch known as Speedmaster Mark II in 1969. This particular model has changed its known Speedmaster case and ushered the second generation of this iconic collection. It has a case that is shaped like a barrel. It is also known as the pilot’s line case.


The Speedmaster collection of Omega has tons of models. This particular collection guarantees users excellent quality watches. It never disappoints the users of this specific collection; this collection is certified already by NASA, which makes it even unique from other timepieces.

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