Best Tips You Should Follow To Pick a Wardrobe Design

The right wardrobe can transform your room from drab to exquisite. In addition, a fully functional closet makes your bedroom neat and welcoming, helping you sleep better at night. So to help you settle for the best wardrobe, we’ve compiled some of the best tips to choose the perfect wardrobe design.

Go for a functional wardrobe

It helps to know how much hanging space you’ll need beforehand. If you have long clothing items like coats or gowns, you will need a taller wardrobe so you can maximise the full-length space. Take advantage of the entire wall space by extending the wardrobe up to the ceiling.

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You will also need to consider what else you’ll be storing in the closet. For a versatile, fully functional wardrobe, consider an innovative design that combines multiple uses. For instance, the closet can incorporate:

  • A shoe storage rack
  • Cubby holes
  • Organisation cupboards
  • Drawers
  • Jewellery compartments

You also have to give some thought to how deep your shelves and drawers will be. Your shelves should be just the right depth. Not so deep that they make your clothes disappear inside or too shallow so that they don’t provide ample space.

Get an easy-to-use closet

Your wardrobe should be easy to use. If it’s too large, it will be hard to access, so make sure it is the right size, especially compared to the rest of your room.

Another factor that increases usability is the style of the wardrobe doors. You have two main options; hinged and sliding doors.

  • Hinged doors. Hinged doors are attached to the wardrobe at particular points with hinges. They open to the sides, meaning you need a lot of space to use one with hinged doors.
  • Sliding doors. These slide from side to side when opening and closing. Sliding doors are more suited if you have limited space.

Whichever door style you choose, consider adding features that make your closet easier to use, such as full-length mirrors on sliding doors or hanging storage baskets behind hinged doors.

Select a suitable wardrobe design

Your wardrobe isn’t just about storage; it should look good and complement the rest of the room. So choose a design that matches your bedroom interiors and accentuates the overall look.

You can pick from a wide range of designs. From timeless classics, sleek modern versions to minimalist chic designs.

When it comes to style, the devil is in the detail, so carefully choose all the features of the wardrobe. Details like the knobs and handles can turn a simple design into an eye-catching attraction.

So don’t leave any detail to chance; all the handles, rings, mirrors, and hooks should blend.

The material you chose also determines how it will all come together. Some popular choices include:

  • Wood: Quality wood like teak and cedar looks great and brings a traditional feel. The material is also typically solid and durable.
  • MDF: MDF uses wood particles and tends to be more economical.

Apart from the material, the finish is just as important. You can go for a high gloss or matt finish depending on your taste. You can also add glass mirrors or paint to create a brighter, spacious feel in your room.

Wrap up

The best wardrobe is fully functional, easy to use, and looks great. Choose a reputable manufacturer to put together the perfect closet that ticks all the boxes.


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