Stay on Track with Your Home Renovation: a Guide for New Homeowners

Home renovations are your chance to turn that property you purchased into a home you are proud of. The great news is that updating your property and its design is also a great move for your bottom line, as it works to improve the value of your property for when you eventually want to sell.

This doesn’t mean you should ever renovate solely to increase the value of your property. Renovate for you at the start, enjoy a full life at that property, and know that when you do want to sell (if you do at all) then your efforts way back when have increased your housing price as well.

It can be overwhelming when new homeowners first move in, but with this guide, you’ll be able to renovate and keep your projects on track:

Guide for New Homeowners

Be Clear on Your Design in Advance

Having a clear vision on your house design is how you will design a home that flows. You can change your mind on some things as you go, but having an overall design at the start is a good way to begin. Source ideas first, then narrow down what you like based on what works together. You can even use digital design tools to plan out your design visually.

This will keep you on track, and is also a very useful tool when working with companies or specialists, so you can show them what you want.

Stick to One Big Project at a Time

The last thing you want to do when renovating, however, is trying to do it all at once. While you can have the overall design for the entire property prepped, you will want to tackle each project one at a time. This can be by type of work. For example, one “project” can be replacing the carpet for hardwood in your living areas. The other option is to work by room, which is the go-to option for spaces like your kitchen and bathroom especially.

The reason why you will want to work in stages is that you need to continue to be able to live comfortably in your home. By sticking with one room at a time you can get each project done faster, and keep the rest of your property livable.

Know What You Can DIY, and When You Cannot

There are so many different aspects to your renovation that you can do yourself. With digital design tools and the right company by your side, for example, you can even save with beautiful Kitchens For DIY. What this means is that you design the kitchen, and the cabinetry gets sent to you in flat packs. You will then need to assemble and install them, which is much easier than you think.

That being said, not everything can be done yourself. If you want to change the location of plugs, or your sink, then you will need to bring in an electrician and a plumber. This is non-negotiable. It isn’t just for health and safety; it’s a legal requirement.

By knowing what you can do yourself, and when an expert is needed, you can save without compromising on the quality of your renovation.

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