A Mehndi Guide For Every Bride-To-Be

Indian Weddings are not just limited to a single day big event, but instead, there is a long line-up of ceremonies that take place before and after the day of the wedding. From Sangeet Ceremony to the Haldi Ceremony there are tons of small colourful celebrations. Among these, is a Mehndi Ceremony in which the Henna is applied to the hands and the feet of the bride.

Mehndi(or Henna) has a very important place in the Indian culture and even dates back to some ancient centuries. Henna is considered as a medicinal herb as it helps in soothing out the stress, headaches and fevers.

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mehendi design for brides

The Mehndi Ceremony is usually organized a day before the wedding as it is considered that it will soothe out the stress of the bride and will help her rest and prepare for the next day. On this day not only the bride-to-be but all the females in the family and friends also get mehndi applied to their hands. Mehndi is usually only associated with the hands but many Indian brides also wear them on the feet.

So, if you’re getting married, then you can scroll ahead and find the mehndi or henna design for the legs that york for you and highlights your personality.

Traditional Design Elements For A Regal Look

Indian traditional mehndi designs are really popular not only in the country but around the world. There are various intricate design patterns that are loved by people. The motifs that are really popular in the Indian design patterns are Peacocks, Portraits of Bride and the Groom, and many other detailed ones like the jali work.

In-Depth Arabic Designs

arabic mehendi pattern

Arabic designs have a lot of curls and curves. The curvy patterns look really great on the feet and you can include a pattern of flowers and vines. The main distinction that lies in this pattern is that it is outlined with a distinctively thick outline. Many a time, the patterns are given gradient so as to give them extra depth. Arabic patterns can easily blend well with the Indian patterns.

Contemporary Design Patterns With Embellishments

Contemporary mehendi Design Patterns

You can hire a best mehndi artist in Mumbai, who would easily convert the traditional design patterns into some of the great contemporary ones. Just shifting the placing of the patterns can give it a contemporary look. You can also include various colours and glittery crystals to make it look more modern. Some actual contemporary designs include geometric figures which can create some amazing patterns together.

Minimal Design Patterns

Minimal mehendi Design Patterns

Don’t have a thing for those elaborate designs? Then you can also ngo for some simpler design patterns that are more minimalistic. You can actually sport a Mehendi that resembles the jewellery like the Anklets and the Jhumkas. There are various patterns that are inspired by the Buddhist Mandalas that too will look good when designed at the centre of the feet.

Designs With A Personal Touch

This one is rarely considered as an option for the mehndi patterns for legs. If you’ve decided on having a personalized mehndi on your hands then why not go with some personalisation on the legs too. You can ask the artist to draw you some things that are really close to your heart.

These were the few of the design options that you can choose from at the time of the wedding, and you can always experiment around to create your own look or try merging two or more of the different patterns into one.

In Indian weddings, there is also a trend to hide the names of the bride and the groom’s name in the design pattern which needs to be found by the groom. There is a common belief that the darker the mehndi gets, there is more love for each other between the groom and the bride.

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