Splitwise App Review – Really great help to Track our Split Bills

Whenever I plan to go to a restaurant or on a trip with my friend’s group or splitting the electricity bill or cable bill with my room buddies, seriously Splitwise App is really helpful to me that time to track it and even it helps to track day-to-day life expenditure. Splitwise App helps to manage them with a simple ledger and lets us pay back our debts via PayPal. There are lots of similar bill-splitting apps on the internet out there, but Splitwise can split a bill way faster than any other app.

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Stop arguing over bills with your friends use Splitwise App

When you install the Splitwise app into your phone, the very first thing you need to do is to split bills and expenses and it’s an easy way by creating your account on it. After creating an account, you need to choose and set your currency.

In-app, “The Add a bill” section is very easy to use and it’s very streamlined. I can sort my bills into different categories. I can add descriptions and attach images along with notes, and much more options. I can also choose that how the bill is to be split and be it equally or otherwise.

Splitwise App is successfully run on Android, iOS and web. On the web, Splitwise has come up with its new feature called “Divide A Bill” For The Web App. I can add my buddies into that option just like an email without any hassle. It’s very easy to use much more like android and ios apps. This new feature of adding my new contacts will never bother or disturb to existing data. Below is a screenshot that you will see in Andriod.

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splitwise app review

Add your contact to the Splitwise App

I can add my friends from my phone contacts, email address or even with manually adding phone numbers. while adding phone numbers I can also invite them via SMS to try this amazing Splitwise app. Once I have added users then I can add expenses and split them with my group or selected numbers. And this app also engages and remind my friends via e-mail notification.

Splitwise App keeps a running all over time, so I can pay each other back in one big payment, instead of a bunch of small ones. Sometimes I feel I overkill the occasional lunch or after-work drink, but now I can share expenses with my friends very often, so it can be a good way to keep tracks of who owes money to whom. This app is really trying to solve the most annoying part about going out to eat with friends.

It has also a reminder for those who miss paying their debts and rent. Splitwise App gives a reminder when rent and debt check are due and it also gives a reminder to pay someone back. Splitwise can help everyone to keep the track of their shared expenses. So that bills (and friends) get paid on time. See the Specifications below

Latest Version4.2.2
Size9.65 MB
Total Downloads1 Million
RequirementsAndroid 4.0 & above.

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Paypal Option

Splitwise helps me and my friends to keep all our debts easily and straight payable to PayPal. I added my friends from my address book and I also made a group there like my close buddies and others. And the main important thing is that my friends don’t need to be a part of this app to manage my IOUs, but it’s a lot more useful if they become part of this awesome app. Splitwise app has a handy option splitter so and it’s perfect for me when I am at a restaurant and it really great so that I don’t need to do a match myself there. Whenever I want to settle and fix my payments I just click PayPal payment to by buddies straight from Splitwise App.

Paytm Facility

Splitwise is also integrated with Paytm! So now anyone can repay to their friend on Splitwise in just in time using their Paytm account. After we click on “Pay with Paytm” option, Splitwise will take you to confirm the recipient friend’s phone number and the payment amount you feed. Then by clicking “Next” button will launch the Paytm app to complete that transaction.

Record my friend’s payment activity

I can record my friend’s payment on the return by entering that amount in Settle Button. I can track all my all activity in the activity tab in app dashboard. The overall Splitwise app is perfect to use. Recurring Bills / Expense feature is fine for accepting rents, Water Bills and Internet billing for Students who stay with their friends.

You can also add my expenses with additionally notes, receipt images with my friends and groups. I can split my bill expense into 5 Ways like Equally, unequally, by Percentage, by Shares and by Adjustments. I enter the original amount and it gets equally shared by the number of users in a group or between me and my friends.

My Views

I must say that this app makes a great and useful addition to the Finance category of the Android App Store and apple app store, so I would definitely recommend it if you’re facing arguments with your group and friends over how to split the restaurant bill, rent or any other expenses you and your group did. I must say one thing very important is that There is nothing negative point to say about this amazingly awesome app. Everyone should use it.

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