Home Remedies for Bed Bugs

Have you not been able to sleep well at night? Do you think there is something that feasts on you all night long? Do you have some bumps on your skin? Maybe your bed has a bed bug infestation. These nocturnal insects suck human and animal blood for survival. Unlike the case of mosquito bites, the person realizes when the ‘action’ is taking place, one does not understand that the bed bug is feasting on us. This is because of the pain killer element in the saliva of the bed bug. The blood coagulates and the bed bug can finish its task without any threat. The bite is noticed, only on waking up. If you see some bites on yourself or on the family members, then before you opt for any one of the best bed bug treatments, you will want to know what do bed bug bites look like. If the bites do resemble that of the bed bug, then you will have to swing into action immediately.

Bed bugs normally make mattresses, cushions, etc. their home. They may also be found in cracks and crevices and on furniture. So these are the areas you will want to look for bed bug infestation.


home remedies for bed bugs

Sun Treatment

The best bed bug treatment is to put the mattress out in the sun. The bugs are not able to withstand the heat so that they die due to the heat. Similarly, the furniture that you can move out should also be put out in the sun. If the infestation is a lot then, you may have to repeat the process once every week.

Warm Water Treatment

The next treatment for bed bugs is washing clothes, bed sheets, pillow covers, blankets, and not forget curtains in warm water. The heat from the warm water will ensure there is no infestation in the clothes. However, it is best to dry the clothes, on the line out in the sun to ensure that the clothes are indeed bug-free.

Vacuum Treatment

Although vacuum will not be able to kill the bed bugs, you will be able to pull them out of the areas, where you find it difficult to reach. Remember, the vacuum will not be able to pull out the bed bugs, which are hiding deep inside. Therefore, it is best to vacuum the house at regular intervals. The best part of vacuuming the house is that it gets rid of not only the bugs but also the dead skin and other material, which is food for the bugs.

Alcohol Treatment

You will want to know what is the best bed bug treatment for areas, where the sun or warm water treatment cannot be used. Alcohol treatment is the treatment to be used. It may not be able to kill all the bed bugs, but you will certainly be able to get rid of bugs, that come in contact with alcohol. It is best to pour alcohol into a spray bottle and then spray it in the cracks and crevices.

Steam Treatment

If the upholstery also has bed bug infestation, then steam treatment can be used to kill the bed bugs there. However, this treatment works perfectly for upholstery that is less than half an inch thick. Hence, you may have to keep repeating the procedure a number of times.

Insecticide Treatment: Insecticide suitable for indoor use should be used to get rid of bed bugs. Make sure you do not use insecticides meant for outdoors. One of the insecticides for bed bug treatment is diatomaceous earth. It is a people-friendly insecticide, but it makes it difficult for bed bugs to live.

These were some of the best bed bug treatment methods. However, if you see that you are not able to get rid of the bed bugs, then you may want to call in for professional help. The professionals use different chemicals with which they are able to exterminate the bugs. However, according to me the answer to what is the best bed bug treatment is prevention. You should take care when you are traveling, or when you visit theaters, etc. They often get into the house by climbing onto your clothes themselves.

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