10 Things that Go Well With Sichuan Sauce

Different cuisines have different specialties. Yet, we cannot lie that dips and sauces are the best part of various cuisines! For example, scrumptious barbecue sauce or even a spicy Sichuan sauce can make your dish taste way better.

If we talk about Sichuan sauce, this sauce is perfect for those wanting to add a little bit of spice to their dish, along with a twist of Chinese cuisine.

So, let’s see which things can go extremely well with Sichuan sauce.

Sichuan Sauce

1. Stirred Vegetables

Sichuan sauce can turn simple stir-fry vegetables into a Michelin-star level dish!

It is because if you combine the perfect crunchiness of the buttery veggies with the perfect spicy flavor of the Sichuan sauce, you get a heavenly dish.

Moreover, the recipe is extremely simple without any complications. All you need to do is stir up a few veggies, add a bit of Sichuan sauce to it, and get a new whole new scrumptious dish.

2. Noodles

Are you looking for a proper yet easy dish that you want to eat after you come home from work?

Well, with the help of Sichuan sauce, you can easily prepare some noodles and treat yourself to lovely Chinese cuisine.

To make Sichuan noodles, you just need to boil some noodles, add your favorite vegetables to them, and top it off with a bit of Sichuan sauce. Once your noodles are prepared, you won’t even be able to differentiate between home-cooked noodles and restaurant ones!

3. Potato Chips

Well, if you want a low-effort snack but with a hint of uniqueness, try eating potato chips with the Sichuan sauce.

The perfect crunchy and salty texture of the chips goes extremely well with the spicy flavor of the Sichuan sauce.

You can also get yourself a cheese dip on the side if you want!

4. Rice

Do you wish to experiment with the old simple rice and transform them into something spicier and tastier?

All you need to do is add some Sichuan sauce to it and wait for the sauce to do its magic!

Once you cook the rice with the Sichuan sauce and eat them right out of the stove, you’ll be wanting to eat more while wanting more water too!

5. Burger

For a more American snack option, try experimenting with a Sichuan sauce inside a burger.

Just like you add mayonnaise and ketchup, add a bit of Sichuan sauce too (just a little bit!) to enhance the flavor.

6. Fried Chicken

Can’t find extra-spicy fried chicken as per your liking? Go for Sichuan sauce!

Sichuan sauce can also act as a dip that you can eat with plenty of food items. One of them being fried chicken.

The juicy insides of the chicken with the spicy goodness of the Sichuan sauce will lead you straight to the foodie heaven!

7. Shrimps or Crabs

Are you a complete seafood lover? Well, the good news is that both shrimps and crabs go well with Sichuan sauce.

You can find tons of amazing recipes to cook yummy Sichuan crab or shrimps too!

8. Potatoes

If you’re vegetarian, vegan, or even a complete potato lover, then try them out with Sichuan sauce.

You can simply make crispy potatoes and stir them with Sichuan sauce and other vegetables!

9. Wraps

If you like your wraps hot and spicy, next time don’t forget to add some Sichuan sauce to it!

The contrasting sweetness of the mayonnaise with the spicy flavor of the Sichuan sauce can make your wrap taste finger-licking good!

10. Salads

For health-conscious people, Sichuan sauce can also go well with salads. You can add different sauces and dips to your salad, along with some Sichuan sauce to have a tasty yet healthy meal!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Sichuan sauce isn’t just a simple sauce. It is one of the best sauces out there that can go well with all types of dishes and cuisines.

You just need to add some of it into your dish and you’ll have an explosion of flavors in your mouth!

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