How to Build a Sustainable Wardrobe for Your Baby

Being an eco-conscious person can be hard, especially when you have young children and although we know how much waste the fashion industry produces every year, our babies need a way bigger wardrobe than we do. However, there still are some rules that you can stick to if you want for your little one’s wardrobe to be as sustainable as possible and today we’re going to talk about them in more detail.

Wardrobe for Your Baby

Declutter their wardrobes

Every wardrobe organization should start with a big inventory and decluttering of the clothing that they already own. Once you dig out all the pants, t-shirts, and outdoor wear, you’d be surprised to find out how many garments your baby already has and if they still fit, there is no need in spending money and creating useless waste. And for those clothes that are too small or worn out to be in the wardrobe anymore, try to donate and recycle as much as possible.

Do your research

Some clothes such as denim overalls, wool sweaters, and jackets can easily be thrifted, while others like t-shirts and base layers are better to buy new in the stores, so do your research before deciding what is worth your money. A few years ago I discovered Irish baby clothing and fell in love with it, as not only it is made of durable and sustainable fabrics, but it is also easy to take care of and is also affordable. Websites as shamrockgift offers plenty of Irish baby apparel that combines all these benefits while also featuring interesting designs perfect for even the youngest children.

Read the labels

The fabric that the clothes are made of is the most important aspect to look for when shopping, which means that you should read the labels carefully when deciding what to buy. Organic cotton and linen are a must for the hotter months of the year while wool, tweed, and corduroy will keep your child warm and comfy when the fall arrives. Although natural fabrics are the best choice for baby’s wear, synthetic ones shouldn’t be overlooked as well, since they can be great for outdoor wear or windbreaker jackets.

Don’t overspend

The truth is babies grow up way too fast for you to worry about getting them expensive clothes so opt for practicality over style. Their garments will inevitably get ruined while they’re waiting messily or crawling everywhere in the house so as long as you get them all the essentials, there is no need to set a big budget when going shopping.

Invest in what matters

Despite the piece of advice that we’ve just mentioned above, we can’t overlook the fact that some items will require an investment and you shouldn’t skimp on those. Once they’re old enough for footwear, one thing that is absolutely worth its money is high-quality orthopedic shoes. The right pair of shoes will provide the needed protection and allow your kid’s feet to develop properly so that they won’t have any complications in the future, thus having a long-lasting impact on their posture and general well-being.

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