How to Keep Your Baby Safe During Play

When you have a baby, you might be incredibly worried about their health and welfare, even when you are enjoying activities together that are meant to be fun. If you are concerned that playtime might end in tears, here are some of the best ways that you can keep your baby safe during play in 2023.

How to Keep Your Baby Safe During Play

1. Use a Play Mat

When you are playing with your baby, you should consider investing in a mat that has been designed with this purpose in mind. Play mats can give your baby a safe area on which to explore without any hazards presenting themselves. They can cover over debris that could be on the floor and give them a soft surface to land on when they are crawling or just learning to walk. This play mat can also introduce them to vivid colors and different textures that can get their senses going and help their cognitive abilities, as well as their gripping and reaching motions. This can also give them the chance to experience tummy time, although you should be careful how much tummy time you give them, and you should not play with them in this manner if you are tired or distracted. If this sounds like a product you want for your kid, you should head to to find one that matches the décor of your nursery.

2. Remove Hazards

You should also remove hazards from the area in which you want to play with them. For instance, they could easily catch themselves or crawl into furniture, which could hurt them. It is also important to ensure that they will not fall off the area that you have put them, in and that there are no sharp edges around their play space.

3. Use Age-Appropriate Toys

Rather than just giving your baby any toy that looks fun, you should instead check that this toy is appropriate for your baby’s age, even if it says that it can be given to babies and toddlers on the front of the packaging. You should also check that this toy has no small parts or little bits that could fall off or be removed. This is important since babies like to explore toys with their mouths and could choke on any item not made with babies in mind.

4. Supervise Them

Although you might think that they are happy to play with their toy alone and that you can get chores done or go for a nap while they play, it is vital that you supervise them at all times. Even the most enjoyable playtimes can quickly become emergencies if you are not there to check that your baby is alright, especially since toys can break or may be faulty. You should also avoid placing toys in their cot with them while they sleep, as this could contribute toward sudden infant death.

5. Check the Ingredients of Messy Play

Messy play can get your child used to different textures, allowing them to go wild and gain confidence. However, you should make sure that the ingredients that are used in messy play are not toxic to babies, even if they are marketed to those slightly older than them. Different ingredients could harm your baby, though they might be perfectly fine for an older child. You should also ensure that your baby is not swallowing too much of the materials you use for messy play or they could choke or fall ill.

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