What is Grabify and how to use?

Grabify is a free web-based tool in which IP addresses and URLs are seized. In other words, getting or snatching third parties IP/URL. It is a type of URL shortened like TinyURL that tracks the IP address, country, location, computer hostname, and maybe some other stuff and sends the information off to the issuer of the link. So basically, this method is the tracking method.

Usually, the sender sends you a tracking link to find the IP address through which the link is connected and this link is said to be Grabify links. By the way, you can hide information from these kinds of tracking links. By using a VPN and browser extension, one can conceal information like country, location, and other personal details. It possesses 66,073,484 IP logs registered on this tracking website.

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What is a VPN and why should we use it?

Here we have the technical and non-technical introduction of Virtual Private networks (VPN). The VPN is the tool or service that allows you to connect to a privately authenticated network, in which you can easily acquire the public internet. A Virtual Private Network elongates a private network over a public network and authorized users to send and receive data across public or shared networks. Through VPN we can hide our information from the tracking link.

IP Lookup Tool:

When you can figure out the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses of any internet user, you can conceptually find out where the user is using our IP Lookup tool from which place and which part of the world. Nowadays, connecting to the internet using the location of their IP address is an important aspect of the internet. The lookup tool will give you information such as the country, state, and internet service provider (ISP). This tool will inform you prior if your IP address is detected as a proxy or VPN.

With the assistance of an IP lookup tool, you can easily find out where your prospective customers are. As well as it is easy to clash against hackers, and spammers, and useful to conclude cyber crime by recognizing the source of the problem.

How to use Grabify to find someone’s location?

It is a very simple way to find someone’s location. First, we should send them a tracking link in which grabify removes all other unwanted information and just gives you only the information you wanted.

To know someone’s location do follow the upcoming steps.

  • Step 1: Get a link to any known existing topic that more assured a friend or someone else you want to know his/her location, they should not neglect your message to see the tracking link.
  • Step 2: Go to the Grabify website and paste that link into the given URL box that tells” Enter URL or tracking link” you can see this on the homepage of the Grabify website.
  •  Step 3: Click on “Create URL” you will see a pop-up notification that needs to agree to their terms of use and conditions read it and click on the agreement with the button.
  • Step 4: If your URL was successfully generated, you will take it to the next page where you should fill in some more information regarding this process.
  • Step 5: Hence, your Tracking URL link is created; it seems to be a normal link as other website links. It is advised to renew the field to something else because your sender target should not find out it is the Tracking link because of its popularity.

Is Grabify safe on my mobile?

This is a frequent question asked worldwide. There is nothing too worried about the Grabify Tracking link because your phone can’t be hacked by these kinds of links it’s just the Tracking link to find your location.

The sender sends you a tracking link. It seems to be a normal website link. After you visit the given link the sender can see your location by tracking the IP address from which it is accessing. For example, you can check what the attackers do. Just simply visit the grabify website register yourself as the sender and create your link at grabify, visit it and check the result.

Is Acquiring an IP address by Grabify illegal?

Definitely no, This is what Grabify meant for in case you do this to blackmail or threaten someone, then it becomes very illegal. Even when you host your website and view the states, visitors’ IPs, etc there is nothing illegal about that. Usually, most online companies tend to use IP addresses to know the local resource area. Have you ever noticed when you visit a local website tab you need not fill in your address because of the tracking link used by these websites?

Obtaining an IP address by using Grabify of an unknown person is legal unless you are planning for illegal matters it will turn into massive issues. In the worst case the sender sends the packets (data) to your router when your router accepts the packets, they can easily figure out all devices connected to your Wi-Fi through this they can crash your router for a few minutes and install spyware and malware software onto them. But this case happens rarely, so beware of these Tracking links.


The detected information will not be stored in their website database. If you accidentally clicked on the Tracking URL or viewed a web page without any prior knowledge of this kind of tracking link immediately you can remove your occurred location from the database. Grabify does not obtain any kind of personal information from the unknown person.

By using IP loggers, you can safeguard your identifiable information for hackers. Following this measure helps you to minimize the risk of your personal information being obtained by someone else. Creating a unique and strong password may help you form this kind of attack and add extra protective layers to your mobile as well as the apps you used.

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